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  1. the sports section
    The Yankees Were Smart to Let Robinson Cano LeaveA ten-year deal would have been a bad idea.
  2. the sports section
    Mariners Sign Cano to Mammoth ContractHe asked for A-Rod money.
  3. yankees
    The Yankees’ Former Mariners Had a Better Day Than the Current MarinersEven A-Rod was in the house.
  4. yankees
    So, Ichiro Is a Yankee. Let’s Discuss.So weird.
  5. jesus rarely walks
    So, How’s Jesus Montero Been Doing So Far?The Mariners are in town this weekend.
  6. yankees
    A Look Back at the Previous Yankees ALDS Game FivesThey’ve played six of them.
  7. The Yankees Can Finally Rest, for a Day at LeastIt’s their last scheduled off-day of the regular season.
  8. Mariano Rivera Gets His 600th SaveOne has never needed to cite save totals to explain why Rivera is the greatest closer ever.
  9. And Now the Yankees’ Lead Is Four GamesBoston didn’t play last night, but that doesn’t mean Red Sox Nation didn’t get two more reasons to panic.
  10. The Mariners Finally Won a Game This AfternoonThey beat the Yankees this afternoon, ending their seventeen-game losing streak.
  11. CC Sabathia Was Almost Perfect Last Night, Kind OfYes, the box score will contain a few blemishes, but for a while last night, it looked like Sabathia might make history.
  12. And That, Folks, Is What a Team That’s Lost Sixteen Straight Games Looks LikeYou don’t see this kind of thing every day.
  13. yankees
    Thank Goodness the Yankees Can Rely on Their Bullpen These DaysThe Yankees took two of three from Seattle.
  14. yankees
    CC Sabathia Ends the First Half on a Pretty Great NoteThat’s eight-straight wins for the lefty, and eight of nine for the Yankees overall.
  15. yankees
    Are the Yankees About to Get Cliff Lee?Joel Sherman says they’re on the brink.
  16. yankees
    Felix Hernandez Makes the Yankees Wish They Were Still Facing Cliff LeeKing Felix throws a complete game shutout.
  17. hughes rules
    What’s Going On With Phil Hughes?His worst start of the year came after being skipped. But it’s not the first time he’s struggled of late.
  18. yankees
    Get Ready to Start Analyzing the Hughes RulesOpposing him tonight: future former Mariner Cliff Lee.
  19. speculation
    You’re Going to Hear Cliff Lee’s Name a Lot Over the Next Seven WeeksHe might be traded, and the Yankees are the Yankees.