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  1. hoverboards
    Tireless Citizens Unite to Set Record Straight on HoverboardsFinally a cause to bring everyone together.
  2. Would You Date a Guy on a Hoverboard? A SurveyAn important poll for our time.
  3. chris brown’s rv
    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Go GlampingIn Chris Brown’s million dollar luxury RV, with some Segways.
  4. segway to disaster
    Segway Company Owner Loved His Device So Much He Drove It Off a CliffAnd died.
  5. movies
    Watch Dolph Lundgren on a SegwayThat’s all.
  6. in other news
    Phony Rockefeller on the Lam in New York AreaAn odd New England man of leisure kidnapped his own daughter and may be in New York waters right now, heading for Bermuda.
  7. neighborhood watch
    Staten Island Has a Turkey Overpopulation ProblemEdward Albee is being used to market a condo, a cat-beating sicko lurks the streets of Queens, and Staten Island turkeys are being given mandatory abortions. The city’s gone mad, in our daily boroughs report.