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  1. youtube
    Don’t Congratulate YouTube for Trying to Tame the Conspiracy Monster It CreatedThe company announced it is no longer recommending conspiracy videos. That’s long overdue.
  2. dot com bowl
    Revisiting the Ads From 2000’s ‘Dot-Com Super Bowl’The average price for a 30-second website ad at the 2000 Super Bowl was $2.2 million. It wasn’t enough to save most of these early internet companies.
  3. error 2020
    Oh No, the 2020 Candidates Have Discovered How to Make Funny 404 PagesHow many months until the primaries?
  4. the tweet beat
    New York Attorney General Settles With Fake-Follower PeddlersDevumi, an artificial-engagement company, will no longer be able to sell fake likes and followers.
  5. polar vortex
    Just How Cold Is It? Let the Tweets Show You.Frozen toilet bowls. Frozen pants. Frozen boiling water.
  6. buzzfeed
    Remaining BuzzFeed Staff Still Very Unclear on What’s Going OnIn an internal Slack, CEO Jonah Peretti is “getting slammed in multiple languages,” a source said.
  7. just asking questions
    BuzzFeed Paid the Teen Making Its Top Quizzes in Free SwagRachel McMahon is a 19-year-old college student in Michigan who learned this week that she was BuzzFeed’s second-highest traffic driver in the world.
  8. streaming wars
    Netflix: We’re Upping Prices. Hulu: We’re Cheaper Now!Hulu’s ad-free package price will remain the same, though.
  9. select all
    I Went to Influencer Caroline Calloway’s $165 Seminar So You Don’t Have ToThe uncanceled workshop offered five and a half hours of personal stories, journaling lessons, and Fyre Festival jokes.
  10. technology
    Elon Musk Slashes Workforce, Says Road Ahead for Tesla Looks ‘Very Difficult’Musk announced he’s cutting seven percent of the company’s staff.
  11. slacking off
    Don’t Like Slack’s New Logo? You’ll Reconsider When You See the Other OptionsYou can thank the designer behind Hillary Clinton’s “H” for this development.
  12. memes
    Some of You Haven’t Heard of This Meme and It ShowsAn easy, but good meme.
  13. select all
    Instagram Influencer Un-Cancels Infamous Creativity TourCaroline Calloway is back, baby.
  14. select all
    You Might Want to Check Your Netflix BillFifty-eight million subscribers in the United States are getting their monthly rates increased.
  15. select all
    This Instagram Influencer’s Failed Tour Will Satisfy Your Fyre Fest NostalgiaThe $165 ticket promised fresh orchid crowns. In reality, guests were given a single flower to put in their hair and then give back after a photo.
  16. select all
    This Instagram Influencer’s Failed Tour Will Satisfy Your Fyre Fest NostalgiaThe $165 ticket promised fresh orchid crowns. In reality, guests were given a single flower to put in their hair and then give back after a photo.
  17. select all
    Instagrammers Are Freaking Out Over a Nonexistent Algorithm ChangeThere’s a bogus rumor swirling that Instagram now only shows posts to 7 percent of a user’s followers.
  18. select all
    Dear God, Please Don’t Let 2020 Be the Instagram ElectionBeto O’Rourke’s recent trip to the dentist raises some concerns about how candidates are likely to use — or misuse — social media.
  19. technology
    Google Sued for Allegedly Covering Up Sexual Harassment by Former ExecsThe shareholders are asking a former Google exec who resigned over sexual misconduct to return $90 million in exit payouts.
  20. facebook
    Fake News Is an Old-People ProblemA new study shows the most fake news is shared by people older than 65.
  21. the tweet beat
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Dance Moves Work for Any SongIf you’ve already seen that AOC dance video, here are a dozen more.
  22. select all
    Instagram Is Making Me Panic About Who My Close Friends AreA new feature from Instagram brings a new existential crisis.
  23. select all
    Please Calm Down About the Bird Box ChallengePeople aren’t actually walking into oncoming traffic blindfolded.
  24. select all
    Please Calm Down About the Bird Box ChallengePeople aren’t actually walking into oncoming traffic blindfolded.
  25. influencers
    Former Vine Star Cameron Dallas Ended 2018 With Arrest for Alleged AssaultHe claims he was just defending himself.
  26. influencers
    Talking With Instagram’s (and Ariana Grande’s) Favorite DancerIf you haven’t already seen his “Thank U, Next” tribute, stop what you’re doing immediately.
  27. technology
    Finally, Snapchat Filters Work on DogsThe feature we’ve all been waiting for.
  28. life in pixels
    How Much of the Internet Is Fake?Turns out, a lot of it, actually.
  29. help
    Hell Is Real and It’s This Trump TweetIn case you missed Trump’s latest missive.
  30. select all
    Are People Really Eating Tide Pods? And … Why?What literally eating poison says about the state of meme culture.
  31. the tweet beat
    It’s Finally Easy to See Newest Tweets FirstTwitter giving the people what they want.
  32. tell me something i don’t know
    Study Finds Twitter’s Bad If You’re a Woman and Worse If You’re a Woman of ColorAmnesty International spent a year combing through tweets sent to journalists and politicians, proving what women who spend time online already knew.
  33. hollamd tonnel
    Pour One Out for the ‘HOLLAMD TONNEL,’ the Only Thing Port Authority Ever FixedThanks to an online petition, the Christmas decorations on the Holland Tunnel entrance are being changed.
  34. russia investigation
    Russian Election-Hack Strategy Included an Anti-Masturbation Hotline“You can’t hold hands with God when you are masturbating.”
  35. select all
    Bumble’s New Filtering Tool Seems Useful, If FlawedUsers can now select certain traits they want to see in potential matches; but things like being Jewish and looking for a third aren’t options.
  36. facebook
    Facebook Promised Privacy Features That Still Haven’t MaterializedIn May, Mark Zuckerberg said “Clear History” would take a few months to build. That was nearly seven months ago.
  37. what the zuck?
    Facebook ‘Sorry’ About Bug That Exposed Unposted Photos From 6.8 Million UsersThe bug existed for 12 days in September.
  38. what the zuck?
    Facebook’s Math on Who Is Watching Videos Takes Some Serious LibertiesFacebook says 75 million people watch at least a minute of Facebook Watch content each day. That’s true, but not quite accurate.
  39. select all
    Here’s How Long Netflix Has to Convince You to Watch a ShowThe company knows it doesn’t have much time to sell you on a series or movie.
  40. google
    Boy, We Sure Googled Some Dumb Things This YearA look at 2018 search trends from Google.
  41. facial recognition
    Look What You Made Taylor Swift Do: Use Facial-Recognition TechnologySwift used facial recognition to scan audience members at a May concert looking for stalkers.
  42. instagram
    Instagram Is Sucking Up to Creators to Avoid Becoming Snapchat, or Worse … VineThe platform is testing new features for creators.
  43. freeze your damn credit
    That Equifax Hack Was ‘Entirely Preventable’Bleak news from a government investigation.
  44. cowed boys
    YouTube Bans Hate Group Founder Gavin McInnes for … ‘Copyright Infringement’McInnes had already been de-platformed by all other major social-media companies.
  45. please make this year end
    This Website Combines Your Best 9 Instagram Posts From 2018 Into a CollageEveryone’s favorite Instagram-collage generator is back for 2018.
  46. what the zuck?
    Facebook Funded Pro–Conversion Therapy CandidatesThe platform gave thousands of dollars in the 2018 election cycle to two candidates who voted against banning the dangerous practice.
  47. emoji
    World’s Shadiest Aquarium Calls Out Anatomically Incorrect Squid EmojiTurns out squid don’t have noses.
  48. select all
    Google’s Contract Workers Are Fed UpAccording to a new open letter, Google’s contract workers weren’t sent safety email updates during the YouTube shooting in April.
  49. christmas
    Happy Holidays, I Got You the Yodel Kid Singing ‘White Christmas’Mason Ramsey is at it again.
  50. what the zuck?
    Facebook Employees Are So Paranoid They’re Using Burner Phones to CommunicateAmid the company’s spate of scandals, employees are reportedly feeling fearful and musing about new leadership.
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