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    January Jones, in a Rainbow Caftan, Brews a ‘Human Stew’ BathThis video is riveting.
  2. zuck
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Devotion to Gray T-Shirts Is AlarmingThe Facebook CEO reportedly has staff blow-dry his armpits before speeches.
  3. wellness
    World’s Busiest Career Woman Finally Engages in Self-CareMeet Wellness Barbie.
  4. metoo
    She Was Assaulted During a Massage, and the Spa Blamed Her for ItLaura went to Tribeca’s Aire spa to unwind, but self-care became a nightmare.
  5. beauty interview
    Rosario Dawson Loves Face Mists, Drinking Clay, and Skipping PartiesThe actress also meditates twice a day.
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    It’s the First Day of Mister Softee Season — You Know What to DoYou can just feel it.
  7. animals
    I Wish I Were As Chill As These CapybarasThey love hot springs.
  8. This Retinol Product is a Self-Care Must HaveYou’ve heard it before, but retinol really does work.
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    Here It Is, Dolly Parton and Sia’s New ‘Here I Am’ DuetFrom the upcoming Netflix movie Dumplin’.
  10. carnivore diet
    For $90 a Session, Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Will Advise You to Eat Only BeefSounds reasonable!
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    Meet the Luxury Eyewear Designer With Hyperreal, Car-Stopping Orange Hair“Older conservative women in lifts like to tell me I’m so brave.”
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    Feeling Stressed? Meditate on This Soothing Profile of Willem DafoeI have never been more relaxed in my life.
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    Sean Brock Is the Latest High-Profile Chef to Embrace SobrietyHe sold his entire collection of vintage bourbon.
  14. health and wellness
    How ‘Wellness’ Became an EpidemicWhy are so many privileged people feeling so sick? Luckily, there’s no shortage of cures.
  15. bearing children
    All I Want for Mother’s Day Is a HangoverIt’s the gift I’m giving myself.
  16. 6 Realistic Ways to Get ‘Me’ Time When You’re a ParentYelling into a pillow counts.
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    Saunas Help Your Brain, Says Deeply Finnish StudyMore bathing, less Alzheimer’s.
  18. swellness
    This New Studio Wants to Be the SoulCycle of MeditationInscape aims to treat mindfulness like a kind of boutique fitness.
  19. How Comedy Podcasts Can Help You Get Through These Nightmarish Times If you’re like me, you woke up yesterday morning in a profound funk, and could feel a cold, grey depression coming on. Overnight, the […]
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    Election Self-Care Tip: Turn Off Out-of-Order Sorting on Social MediaIf all those hopeful posts from yesterday are getting to you, here’s how to stop seeing them.
  21. Peaches on Trump, Touring, and Turning 50The electro-pop star is as raunchy as ever.
  22. let's take a bath
    Self-Care Lessons From Stranger ThingsHow to re-create Eleven’s bath in your tiny apartment.
  23. swellness
    The Bloop Guide to WellnessAminatou Sow and Jenna Wortham on self-love and self-care.
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    Who Among Us Has Not Enjoyed Themselves at the Spa Like Justin Bieber?We’ve all been there.
  25. It Seems Some Ambitious People Are Not Great at Being Kind to ThemselvesThe unfortunate, untrue belief that self-criticism equals motivation and success.
  26. love yourself
    Some Self-Care Tips for Justin BieberYou should go and love yourself.
  27. Kate Winslet Scheduled a Post-Globes Massage Thinking she wouldn’t win, Kate Winslet scheduled a massage for directly after the Golden Globes. Guess she had to cancel that one.
  28. self care
    Kate Mara Is Still Too ‘Gun-Shy’ to See Fantastic FourBut she swears she had a good time making it.
  29. me me me me me
    How to Have a Good Relationship — With YourselfTaking time for self-love and self-care, whether you’re single or not.
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    Why You Should Write a Letter to Yourself TonightThe profound power of opening up through writing.
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    Lindsay Lohan Screened Her Oeuvre in RehabMaybe it’s like when football players watch game film.