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  1. resolutions
    Help Me! Author Marianne Power Read All the Self-help Books So You Don’t Have ToA single Londoner learned how to take the self out of self-help.
  2. science of us
    The Best Health and Science Books of 2018Featuring dreams and social anxiety and psychedelic drugs.
  3. you are a badass
    Jen Sincero Thinks You Should Be RichAnd that has made her very, very rich.
  4. hope this helps
    The Painfully Obvious Productivity Advice I Guess I Needed to HearDo less.
  5. self-help
    My Afternoon Manifesting My Career GoalsWith L.A.’s next big self-help guru.
  6. power
    The School Teaching Women to Ask for What They WantKasia Urbaniak started The Academy to share a simple lesson — and amid #MeToo, it’s more relevant than ever.
  7. self-help
    Man Claims Self-Help Group He Joined Is Actually a Sex CultA new lawsuit alleges Gratitude Training, which offers personal development seminars, is a cult.
  8. stuff
    The Minimalists Want You to Be Happy With LessAnd in a country where many struggle, they’ve found a huge audience.
  9. voyages
    Seven Days on the Oprah CruiseAt sea with a ship full of superfans, including my mom.
  10. politics
    Anthony Scaramucci’s Next Move Is ‘Working on Being the Best Person He Can Be’He also addressed those Dancing With the Stars rumors.
  11. self-help
    Woody Harrelson’s Instagram Is My Favorite Self-Help BookHis inspirational memes really make you think.
  12. How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over AmericaSometimes, ideas that are a bit scientifically suspect catch on because they are too good to not believe.
  13. self-help
    Status Anxiety About Happiness Is a Dumb American HabitAre you happy enough?
  14. Big Goals Can Backfire. Olympians Show Us What to Focus on Instead.It’s about the process, not the results.
  15. Entitled Millennial Workers of the World, Unite!Generation Y’s sense of entitlement is a political force worth nurturing.
  16. recommendations
    This Terrible Self-Help Book Is Actually Making Me a Better ArtistJoin me: Surrender to The Artist’s Way.
  17. dvr this
    Your Favorite Self-Help Book Will Soon Be a TV ShowA show based on Kondo-ing will absolutely spark joy.
  18. cleaning in
    De-Cluttering Is the New Juice Cleanse (and Equally Annoying)Stop telling me about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
  19. productivity
    The Case for Self-Affirmation Is Getting Stronger and StrongerA simple, very beneficial behavior.
  20. mind hacks
    How to Talk to YourselfReferring to yourself in the second-person is a little weird, but it seems to work.
  21. the self-help industry
    Q&A: Jessica Lamb-Shapiro, the Self-Help Guru for SkepticsPromise Land sheds light on the oversaturated genre – and offers its own kind of help along the way. 
  22. cult goop
    Cameron Diaz Is Writing a Goopy-Sounding Self-Help BookIt probably involves gluten-hating.
  23. the power of passive thinking
    How to ‘Secret’ Christy Turlington Into Your LifeUsing the law of attraction for only the most important things.
  24. love and war
    Elizabeth Wurtzel Confronts Her One-Night Stand of a LifeI am 45 and have been living like I’m 25 since I was 15.
  25. self-help
    The Carefully Cultivated Soul of SoulCycle“Come on, you sexy spin bitches.”
  26. starting over yet again
    Self-help Author Falls for Oldest Line in the BookHe told her he’d “moved out of the marital residence and would soon be getting a divorce.”
  27. kudos
    Hey, Publishers: Get These Booker Prize Nominees in Stores!Finding a home for four longlisted novels in America.