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Self Portrait

  1. now open
    Everlane, Balenciaga, and More New York City Store OpeningsTwelve spots for browsing offline.
  2. art
    What If Jimmie Durham, Noted Cherokee Artist, Is Not Actually Cherokee?He’s been called “the art world’s Rachel Dolezal.”
  3. Going to Disney World With My AbuelaJust a punk graphic novelist and her grandmother, in the The Most Magical Place on Earth.™
  4. self portrait
    How to Write Someone Else’s MemoirOr: How your celebrity-memoir sausage gets made.
  5. self portrait
    Return Ticket: The Memories on My BookshelfRereading is like rewriting ourselves, reinventing the past.
  6. self portrait
    10 Honest Moments From This Fall’s Big MemoirsA preview.
  7. self portrait
    I Found Myself by Reading MemoirsReading about the lives of poor women and black women showed me that my story mattered.
  8. self portrait
    Watching the Birds With the King of ClickbaitA day with Jonathan Franzen.
  9. self portrait
    How I Learned to Love Almost DyingAn outtake from The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits.
  10. writers
    25 Famous Women on Writing Their Own StoriesThe power (and challenges) of self-reflection.
  11. self portrait
    What I Left Out of My MemoirWhen she wrote her book, Mac McClelland omitted one tiny detail. Should she have?
  12. self portrait
    Eve’s Hollywood: The Sex Life of a ’70s ‘It’ GirlThe memoirs of Eve Babitz, a scandalous scenester of the ‘60s and ‘70s, are being reissued.  
  13. self portrait
    Waiting for the Cable Guy With Mary KarrA morning with author Mary Karr.
  14. sa-sm
    Mary-Louise Parker: I Want to Apologize to the Man in the LoinclothAn excerpt from her forthcoming memoir.
  15. self portrait
    Is This ‘It Happened to Me’ Headline Real or Fake?Take our quiz, test your knowledge.
  16. self portrait
    It Happened to Me: How I Became a First-Person Human TraffickerA former xoJane editor tells all about telling all.