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Self Promotion

  1. Is This the Future of VR Film?A trip to Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes program.
  2. our selfies ourselves
    12 Women on Twitter and Self-PromotionWomen who are great at tweeting explain how to talk about yourself online.
  3. a defense
    Jenna Lyons, Don’t Go Toning Anything DownThe J.Crew creative director was accused of “self-promotion.”
  4. personal branding
    Here’s This Thing I Wrote About Women and Self-PromotionI hope you like it, by which I mean me.
  5. announced announcements
    Trump to Make ‘Major Announcement’ on Thursday [Updated]Here he goes again.
  6. all the sad young illiterary men
    Watch a Sneak Peek of Next Week’s Gossip Girl, Complete With Vulture Cameo“I thought you were in the media.”
  7. self-promotion
    So Someone Got a Tattoo With New York Magazine’s Logo on ItWhat’s the matter with the rest of you?
  8. mariah carey
    How Nick Cannon Svengalied a Nude Mariah Carey Magazine Cover“Baby, I have this great idea: Let’s get you nude in a national magazine.”
  9. apps
    Are You Checking Out the Shows on The Cut’s iPad App?Apple just named it app of the week.
  10. pope benedict xvi
    Pope Now Acknowledges That, Actually, Several Instances Probably Call for the Use of a Condom“For Benedict, the use of condoms by people infected with H.I.V. could be ‘the first step of responsibility, whether it’s a man or woman or a transsexual.’”
  11. skip this post
    Your Self-Indulgent Reading Notice of the DayBook readings are fun, sure.
  12. in the magazine
    Finance Professionals Mocked, Made to Feel Small for First Time in LivesEnjoy the Schadenfreude, populist hordes.
  13. Self-Promotion
    Brownstoner, NYMag.com Make Your Quest for Fine Nourishment That Much EasierWelcome to our new and improved restaurant search.