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  1. selfie
    Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd Invented the Selfie in 1996Just the facts.
  2. celebrity
    Ansel Elgort Posts 17 Similar But Slightly Different Shirtless SelfiesIf only we all had his courage…
  3. This Video Reveals the Real Reason Emma Watson Won’t Take a Selfie With YouShe’s just looking out for herself.
  4. select all
    This Selfie Ambush of Justin Trudeau Is the Best Activism Tactic for 2017Instead of a selfie, the two women filmed a video of the moment they asked Trudeau about a campaign promise he still has not met.
  5. select all
    Man Breaks 120-Year-Old Statue of Portuguese Royal in Pursuit of Perfect SelfieBrutal.
  6. crime
    Woman Says Her Selfie Led to Deadly ShootingAn argument with a jealous husband escalated in the most horrific way possible.
  7. seen
    Saltz: How Kim Kardashian Became ImportantLast year, just the idea that Kim and Kanye could be creating something got people’s panties in a real twist. Now Kanye has gotten an honorary Ph.D. from the same art school that gave me one, and Kim is a role model, too.
  8. our selfies ourselves
    Lena Dunham Selfied With Kim Kardashian’s SelfishMeta.
  9. selfiebowl
    Kim Kardashian Stars in a Very Important Selfie PSAHer Super Bowl ad is surprisingly funny.
  10. Did the Selfie-Stick Inventor Get Shafted?Wayne Fromm can lay claim to having invented the ubiquitous device, but not to getting rich off it.
  11. pour one out
    Let’s Pour One Out for SelfieHulu aired the final episode this week. We’ll miss it.
  12. your tv ratings explained
    Network TV Is Going Through a Sitcom RecessionFour simple rules for avoiding a sitcom depression.
  13. Canceled ABC Comedy ‘Selfie’ Is Heading to HuluWhile ABC’s new comedy Cristela just got a full season order, the recently canceled Selfie has found a home to air its remaining episodes. […]
  14. selfie
    How Many Rabbis Does It Take to Make the World’s Largest Selfie?More than 2,000, apparently.
  15. Afternoon Delight
    This ‘#SNACK’ Video Perfectly Parodies ‘#SELFIE’And Grub Street gets a shout-out.
  16. ABC Cancels ‘Selfie’It’s been a rough season for new network sitcoms. The latest show to get the axe is ABC’s Selfie, which follows the cancellation of its former […]
  17. cancellations
    RIP, Selfie#No #one #was #watching #Selfie.
  18. cancellation watch
    How Close to Cancellation Are These 10 New Fall TV Shows?Networks are being extraordinarily patient with their freshman series this fall.
  19. vulture investigates
    An In-Depth Cultural Analysis of Asian Male TV Characters Getting Some ActionSpoiler: It doesn’t happen very often.
  20. diagnosis via data plan
    This App Claims It Can Stop Your AcneDiagnosis by selfie.
  21. tv review
    TV Review: Selfie Is Just Slightly Out of FocusThere’s a better show in here somewhere.
  22. watch it
    See the Pilot for ABC’s My Fair Lady–Inspired SitcomIt’s called Selfie.
  23. chat room
    Karen Gillan on Guardians of the Galaxy“I laughed hysterically when they got rid of [my hair].”
  24. Jimmy Kimmel and Susan Sarandon Recreate the ‘Thelma & Louise’ SelfieOn last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest Susan Sarandon agreed to recreate film history’s pioneering selfie from Thelma & Louise, with Kimmel […]
  25. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Made Susan Sarandon Re-create Thelma & Louise SelfieWigs were worn.
  26. Watch the Previews for ABC’s New Fall Comedies, ‘Black-ish’, ‘Selfie’, […] ABC is launching four new sitcoms this fall to replace the massive batch of ones they canceled last week, and they just released preview clips […]
  27. oscars 2014
    See the Oscar Selfie Perfectly Simpsonized Homer is kicked out by Bradley Cooper and Bart bunny-ears Meryl Streep.
  28. award-winning selfies
    10 Improvements on Ellen’s Oscar SelfieThe internet had a few suggestions.
  29. best bests
    Best Bet: HISY, the Selfie-Taking ToolNow with Bluetooth.
  30. pilots 2014
    Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan Cast in ABC SitcomBased on My Fair Lady.