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  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Phone Thieves Send Obnoxious Selfie to Teen Victim’s Friends, MomAt least everyone knows what they look like now.
  2. photo op
    Even a Military Coup in Thailand Can’t Stop SelfiesNothing can.
  3. innovation
    Hamptons Shuttle Offers Newfangled ‘Selfie Machine’Why didn’t someone think of that before?
  4. photobombs
    Beyoncé Photobombed Another Selfie This WeekendAnd also took a meme-worthy pic with Jake Gyllenhaal.
  5. kids today
    10 Ways Selfies Are Going ExtremeWhen the president starts tweeting grainy self-portraits, kids have to find edgier selfie scenarios.
  6. the most important people in the world
    Pope Francis Took a Palm Sunday SelfieOf course he did.
  7. selfies
    Teen Snaps Hospital Selfie After Deadly California Bus CrashThe second post-tragedy selfie this week.
  8. presidential selfies
    Obama Not Actually Ending All SelfiesThe White House ban was greatly exaggerated.
  9. corporate shills
    David Ortiz Might Have Brought About ‘The End of All Selfies’With President Obama, at least.
  10. corporate shills
    The White House Isn’t Happy With David OrtizShame on you, Big Papi.
  11. corporate shills
    David Ortiz’s Presidential Selfie Was Just a Promotional Stunt for SamsungIt was obvious, in retrospect.
  12. photo ops
    David Ortiz Takes Latest Presidential Selfie Is this over yet?
  13. elephants
    Kim Kardashian Scurries Away From Elephant After Selfie AttemptSelephantie. Nope. 
  14. hahaha
    Lady Creep-Shots ‘Hot Men’ of NYC Half-MarathonCreep shots on the move.
  15. photo op
    Colin Powell Knows What a Selfie Is And he posted a vintage one to prove it.
  16. de mayor
    Bill de Blasio Pulls an Ellen Selfie With the PressMaybe now they’ll be nice to each other?
  17. selfies
    See Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscars SelfieSay (sponsored) cheese!
  18. photo ops
    Middle-Aged Nerds Pose for Historic SelfieBill Nye, President Obama, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  19. sex lives
    Sexting’s Strange Paradox: It’s Just No FunHalf the people who send lewd messages are just not that into it. So why press “send”?
  20. our selfies ourselves
    Hey Teens, Your Damn Selfies Are Giving You LiceFacts of lice.
  21. our bodies our selfies
    Barbara Walters Does Not Have a Vibrator Called ‘Selfie’But boy can she take one.
  22. digital life
    Addicted to Likes: How Social Media Feeds Our NeedinessHow many times have you checked your favorites today?
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Frontier for Dumb Criminals: The iCloud SelfieBeats a sketch.
  24. The Latest Phase in Infant Development Is the Selfie StageThe mirror stage can now be re-named.
  25. art
    Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the SelfieIt’s become a new visual genre—a type of self-portraiture formally distinct from all others in history.
  26. our selfies ourselves
    The 19 Types of Selfies at Museum Selfie DayIt belongs in a museum!
  27. our selfies ourselves
    Can You Empower a Selfie? Dove’s latest “Selfie” campaign seeks to find out. 
  28. lesbifriends
    On Supermodels, Voyeurism, and Lesbian OvertonesThe sapphic models, this time through selfies.
  29. get over it
    The Joy of UnfollowingThere’s no such thing as TMI online: if you don’t like it, quit looking.
  30. photo op
    Sarah Palin Demonstrates Pro-Fish, Anti-Selfie AgendaShe’s quite clear on this.
  31. Sarah Palin Takes Anti-Selfie StanceUnless said selfies involve holding a fish.
  32. the illusionist
    Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Butt Selfie? A Cut ChatA Cut Chat on this very important matter.
  33. attention please
    Indoor Selfies Way More Popular for Ladies’ Dating ProfilesAnd :-) is better received than :).
  34. fun with words
    A Lot of People Want to Ban the Word SelfieDon’t tell James Franco.
  35. selflessness
    Poppy Delevingne Posted an Alleged ‘Selfless Selfie’Side-eye for the greater good. 
  36. There’s a Six-Hour Line to Snap the Trendiest Selfie in TownIt’s in a room of mirrors, so you’re alone with your vanity.
  37. international affairs
    New York Post Columnist Andrea Peyser Just Loses It Over Obama Selfie Grounds for divorce!
  38. selfies
    Michelle Not Actually Mad at Obama Selfie, Says Photographer“I guess it’s a sign of our times that somehow this image seemed to get more attention than the event itself.”
  39. our selfies ourselves
    Taylor Swift Also Uses Her Phone to Put on MakeupAnd her friends pop in to say hello.
  40. photo op
    Obama Takes Funeral Selfie With Danish PMA magical moment from the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life.
  41. Is This the World’s Worst Selfie?A selfie in front of a guy trying to kill himself on the Brooklyn Bridge. 
  42. our selfies ourselves
    Heartbreak and the Quantified SelfieThe lovelorn poetry of personal data analysis.
  43. 70 Percent of Snapchat’s Users Are WomenSnaps to that. 
  44. our selfies ourselves
    Selfies: Just Signs of Healthy Teen Confidence?Perhaps selfies provide important esteem-boosting, self-promotion training for teenagers.
  45. selfies
    Selfie is 2013’s Word of the YearTwerk, binge-watch, and bitcoin were short-listed.
  46. our selfies ourselves
    We Now Live in a World of Morning-After Star-Screwer SelfiesAnd with Justin Bieber asleep like a little angel, so the era begins.
  47. our selfies ourselves
    Youths Are Now Taking #DrivingSelfiesThe latest in ill-advised self-portraiture.
  48. 81 Percent of Millennials Post Their Photos on the InternetSurely it’s 100 percent of the millennials you know though.
  49. our bodies our selfies
    You Know Your Duckface Should Be in a MuseumA museum in London devotes an exhibit to the selfie.
  50. our selfies ourselves
    Meet the New Girls: Models Submit Their SelfiesWe asked them to take their own pictures (for once). 
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