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  1. reasons to hate new york
    Times Square Push Victim Doesn’t Want to Cause a Diplomatic Incident With SerbiaShe’s declining to speak with press for fear of inflaming international tensions.
  2. How a Serbian Comedy Is Fighting Homophobia Throughout the BalkansSerbian director Srdjan Dragojevic’s latest film, Parada, is about a “homosexual couple who wants to organize a gay pride parade in Belgrade, […]
  3. good news
    It Hasn’t Been a Great Day for Mid-Nineties Genocidal ManiacsWhich means it’s a pretty good day for everyone else.
  4. politics
    Today in Non-Paladino HomophobiaEight people in the Bronx are arraigned for beating and torturing a gay man, while thousands of anti-gay rioters in Serbia wreak havoc.
  5. What to Eat
    Balls in the Air: Testicles Are Trendy!Rocky Mountain oysters make it into cooking and eating competitions.
  6. world cup
    World Cup Preview: Group DOur look at Australia, Germany, Ghana, and Serbia.