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Serial Killers

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    The Real FBI Agent Behind Mindhunter on What Actually Happened in AtlantaCriminal profiling pioneer John Douglas inspired Netflix’s Mindhunter. And he’s got a lot to say about the Atlanta child murders.
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    Which Killers Could Appear on a Third Season of Mindhunter?The Netflix series’s basis in real-life investigations provides a loose road map of where it might go in a still-to-be-confirmed season three.
  3. true crime
    The Real Serial Killers and FBI Agents Who Inspired Netflix’s MindhunterThe fact and fiction behind Netflix’s true-crime drama.
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    Ashton Kutcher Testifies Against Alleged ‘Hollywood Ripper’ Serial KillerKutcher was dating one of the alleged killer’s victims at the time of her death in 2001.
  5. crime
    Ashton Kutcher May Testify Against Alleged ‘Hollywood Ripper’ Serial KillerKutcher was dating 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin, one of the man’s alleged victims, at the time of her death.
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    The Serial Killer and the ‘Less Dead’Samuel Little may have murdered more people than anyone in U.S. history. This is the story of how he was caught — and why he almost got away.
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    How to Write a Female Serial KillerOyinkan Braithwaite on writing a protagonist who kills men, just because she feels like it.
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    Man Who Allegedly Murdered a Nurse He Met on Tinder May Be a Serial KillerPolice have linked Danueal Drayton to multiple rapes and murders.
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    How Being a Preschool Teacher Helped Cameron Britton Play Mindhunter’s Ed Kemper“I started slowly learning how to train myself to just cut all emotions out and just get rid of them entirely so I could be this serene presence.”
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    Will We Soon Find Out the Identity of the Zodiac Killer?Detectives are submitting his DNA to the same genealogy websites that helped find the Golden State Killer suspect.
  11. true crime
    Police May Have Finally Arrested the Golden State KillerThere’s been a major break in the case of the notorious serial killer and rapist.
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    Landscaper Accused of Killing Multiple People & Hiding Their Bodies in GardensBruce McArthur has been charged with five murders so far.
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    German Serial Killer Charged With 97 More MurdersThe former nurse is already serving time for murdering patients.
  14. true crime
    Serial Killer Says There Are More Undiscovered VictimsTodd Kohlhepp wrote a creepy letter to his local paper bragging about more killings.
  15. Charles Manson Is Dead, But Pop Culture Is Keeping Him AliveIn American Horror Story, Search Party, and other projects, Manson is still a frightening cultural force.
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    How the ‘Twitter Killer’ Lured His VictimsPolice found nine dismembered bodies in a home outside of Tokyo, Japan, earlier this fall.
  17. close reads
    What David Fincher’s Fascination With Serial Killers Says About His FilmmakingFew filmmakers have shown such a consistent interest in serial killers and what makes them tick.
  18. mindhunter
    Watch the Real-life Interviews With Serial Killer Ed KemperMindhunter’s depiction of the infamous “co-ed killer” hews closely to the truth.
  19. Alleged Serial Killer Linked to Creepy Amazon Reviews“keep in car for when you have to hide the bodies.”
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    A Serial Killer’s Victim Called 911 and Helped Police Link 5 Murdered WomenHer 911 call led to Shawn Grate’s capture and helped link five female bodies found in Ohio.
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    New Show Will Bring Together Families of Serial Killers, Families of VictimsGaaaahhhh.
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    How a Serial Killer Got Away With ItBy preying on poor black women, according to Nick Broomfield’s new documentary.
  23. serial killers
    The BTK Serial Killer Is Working on a Book“People like me need to be understood.”
  24. unsolved mysteries
    Is 19-Year-Old Miranda Barbour Really a Mass Murderer?Weighing the evidence in a perplexing case.
  25. vigilantes
    ‘Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers’ Says She’s Murdering Rapists in Juarez“I am the instrument of vengeance for several women.”
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Registered Sex Offender Arrested After Three Bodies Found in Cleveland [Updated]The suspect reportedly said he was inspired by another Ohio serial killer.
  27. long island ripper
    Remains Found on Long Island Shore Raise Questions About Serial Killer TieAfter more than two years, there are still no answers in the case.
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    Potential New York Serial Killer Caught Hiding Dead Body in BedHe’s stabbed a lot of women.
  29. Indicted ‘Son of Sal’ Plans to ‘Vigorously Fight’ Murder ChargesHe’s laid the groundwork for an insanity plea.
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    Would-be Victim of Alleged Brooklyn Serial Killer Saved by a CustomerHe’s understandably relieved he didn’t get shot.
  31. crimes and misdemeanors
    Shopkeepers Fear Brooklyn Serial KillerThe FBI is joining the NYPD to investigate three killings with the same .22-caliber pistol.
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    Shannan Gilbert’s Mother Sues Doctor, Claiming He Could Have Prevented Her DeathHer mother says he gave her drugs, but he says he never met her.
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    Dating Game Serial Killer Rodney Alcala Returns to New YorkThe convicted California murderer will be tried for two more killings.
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    Is There a Serial Killer Loose in Paris?Latest murder similar to three others in the capital since November.
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    Kevin Bacon Cast in Fox’s Serial Killer DramaHe’ll play an FBI profiler, not the serial killer.
  36. long island ripper
    Is the LI Serial Killer Working Alone or Not?The police commissioner and the D.A. disagree.
  37. long island ripper
    Shannan Gilbert’s Body Likely Found on Long Island Beach [Updated]The woman who led police to the victims of the Long Island serial killer has been missing for more than a year.
  38. long island ripper
    Officer Mallia and His Dog Blue Helped Discover the Serial Killer’s VictimsOccasionally working on their own time.
  39. long island ripper
    New Skull and Remains Found Could Also Be Victims of Long Island Serial KillerIt could be the killer’s ninth and tenth victims.
  40. ripped from the headlines
    Long Island Killer Shows Savvy Understanding of Investigative TechniquesHe also may have made taunting phone calls to one of his victims’ sisters.
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    Police Think They Know the Identity of the Long Island Serial KillerThey think there’s a connection to four murders in Atlantic City.
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    Remains of Three More Bodies Found in Long IslandPolice believe the bodies are linked to a serial killer.
  43. pop trash
    Are You a Serial Killer? ‘Dexter’ Promotional Website Offers Customized DiagnosisThis is how likely we are to snap and murder Lane.