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  1. What the Trump U. Case and Trump’s Candidacy Have in CommonThe president-elect has dodged litigation with a $25 million settlement, but the saga illuminates how he sees the working class.
  2. Walmart Driver Indicted in Tracy Morgan CrashThe driver, Kevin Roper, was indicted in ten charges.
  3. car talk
    Unintended Acceleration Costs Toyota $1 BillionAnd they’re still not sure what caused it.
  4. Bank of America Declares Living Customer Dead, and Other Bank OopsiesThe most common: accidental foreclosures.
  5. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Judge Says No to Google’s Dream of Becoming the Biggest Bookstore in the WorldThe $125 million settlement would “simply go too far.”
  6. september 11
    Today’s the Last Day for 9/11 First Responders to Sign On to the City’s SettlementAttorneys need 95 percent of potential plaintiffs to sign on in order to access the settlement.