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    The Tokyo Woman Flying to Milan for a Former Co-workerThis week’s sex diary.
  2. sex diaries
    The Creative Director Getting a Little Tired of FeeldThis week’s sex diary.
  3. sex diaries
    The 55-Year-Old Scheduling a Week of PlaydatesThis week’s sex diary.
  4. sex diaries
    The Content Creator Exploring Her Interest in RopesThis week’s sex diary.
  5. sex diaries
    The Woman Who Thinks She Has ‘Sexsomnia’This week’s sex diary.
  6. sex diaries
    The Married Dermatologist Having a Threesome in ConnecticutThis week’s sex diary.
  7. sex diaries
    The Freelancer Hoping She Can Satisfy Her Younger GirlfriendThis week’s sex diary.
  8. in her shoes podcast
    Looking Back on Eight Years of Sex DiariesOn this week’s episode of the Cut’s podcast, Alyssa Shelasky talks about turning her popular column into an HBO docuseries.
  9. sex diaries
    The Publicist Wondering Who’s Calling His Boyfriend at NightThis week’s sex diary.
  10. sex diaries
    I Read All 707 New York Sex DiariesThis is what I learned.
  11. sex diaries
    How I Get Strangers to Talk About Their Sex LivesTo write the Sex Diaries column every week, I stop people on the bus, ask my cashier at CVS, or even beg my next-door neighbors.
  12. sex diaries
    The 69 Best Sex DiariesThese are the diaries that blew up our group texts, inspired an internet conspiracy or two, and still make us blush all these years later.
  13. sex diaries
    HBO’s ‘Sex Diaries’ Series Drops FridayInspired by New York Magazine’s weekly column, the four-part series will profile eight New Yorkers navigating sex and dating.
  14. sex diaries
    The Chef Kissing Her Ex Behind Her Boyfriend’s BackThis week’s sex diary.
  15. sex diaries
    The Vermont Woman Who Blows Off Work for a Tinder DateThis week’s sex diary.
  16. sex diaries
    The Divorced Lawyer Who Loves Getting Ready for DatesThis week’s sex diary.
  17. sex diaries
    The Wine-Shop Worker Checking Out the Hot Delivery GuyThis week’s sex diary.
  18. sex diaries
    The Queens Woman Having Passionate Breakup SexThis week’s sex diary.
  19. sex diaries
    The Influencer Sexting From a Press TripThis week’s sex diary.
  20. sex diaries
    The Model Flirting With Bankers in TribecaThis week’s sex diary.
  21. sex diaries
    The Woman Navigating Her First Week of NonmonogamyThis week’s sex diary.
  22. sex diaries
    The 28-Year-Old Partying a Little Too Hard in MontaukThis week’s sex diary.
  23. sex diaries
    The Copywriter Seeing 3 Men in 3 CitiesThis week’s sex diary.
  24. sex diaries
    The Writer Staying on Her Crush’s CouchThis week’s sex diary.
  25. sex diaries
    The Event Planner Whose Chef Boyfriend Wants More SexThis week’s sex diary.
  26. sex diaries
    The Long Island Woman Who Goes to Vegas With a Hinge DateThis week’s sex diary.
  27. sex diaries
    The Teacher Who Still Texts Her Ex Every DayThis week’s sex diary.
  28. sex diaries
    The Content Creator Trying to Ghost Her DateThis week’s sex diary.
  29. sex diaries
    The Woman Secretly Moving in With Her Boyfriend in UgandaThis week’s sex diary.
  30. sex diaries
    The Makeup Artist Who Meets a Hot Italian Waiter on VacationThis week’s sex diary.
  31. sex diaries
    The Artist Who’s Not Sure She Loves Her Comedian BoyfriendThis week’s sex diary.
  32. sex diaries
    The Grad Student Who Meets Someone on Facebook MarketplaceThis week’s sex diary.
  33. sex diaries
    The Woman Secretly Dating a Professor She Works WithThis week’s sex diary.
  34. sex diaries
    The Poly Educator Who Still Gets a Little JealousThis week’s sex diary.
  35. sex diaries
    The Woman Taking a Fitness Class With Her Secret LoverThis week’s sex diary.
  36. sex diaries
    The Lawyer Who Just Wants a Hot Vacation FlingThis week’s sex diary.
  37. sex diaries
    The Queer Divorcé Exploring PolyamoryThis week’s sex diary.
  38. sex diaries
    The Editor Tidying Up Just in Case His Lover CallsThis week’s sex diary.
  39. sex diaries
    The College Student Whose Exes Are Hooking Up With Each OtherThis week’s sex diary.
  40. sex diaries
    The Woman Whose Older Lover Doesn’t Want KidsThis week’s sex diary.
  41. sex diaries
    The American Tourist Trying to Talk Dirty in FrenchThis week’s sex diary.
  42. sex diaries
    The Designer Having Sex With an Actor After ‘Work Drinks’This week’s sex diary.
  43. sex diaries
    The Woman Wondering If She’s Bisexual Enough to Come OutThis week’s sex diary.
  44. sex diaries
    The Man Asking His Wife to Let Other Men Into Their BedroomThis week’s sex diary.
  45. sex diaries
    The Writer Who Discovers Her Vacation Fling Is Spoken ForThis week’s sex diary.
  46. sex diaries
    The Wealthy Housewife Role-Playing With Her HusbandThis week’s sex diary.
  47. sex diaries
    The Newly Divorced Woman Dealing With Orgy DramaThis week’s sex diary.
  48. sex diaries
    The Married Swinger at a Weeklong Sex Party in JamaicaThis week’s sex diary.
  49. sex diaries
    The Graphic Designer Waking Up Next to Her Ex’s Best FriendThis week’s sex diary.
  50. sex diaries
    The Teacher Worried About Her Boyfriend’s LibidoThis week’s sex diary.
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