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    The 23-Year-Old Chasing Middle-Aged Men in the SuburbsThis week’s sex diary.
  2. sex diaries
    The 24-Year-Old Late Bloomer Making Up for Lost TimeThis week’s sex diary.
  3. sex diaries
    The Future Ivy Leaguer Trying to Get Her Boyfriend OffThis week’s sex diary.
  4. sex diaries
    The Bisexual Babysitter Getting Over a BreakupThis week’s sex diary.
  5. sex diaries
    The Divorced Dad With a HouseguestThis week’s sex diary.
  6. sex diaries
    The HR Manager Who Likes Being Called ‘Master’This week’s sex diary.
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    The Woman on a Getaway at the Jersey ShoreThis week’s sex diary.
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    The Divorcée Chasing Unavailable MenThis week’s sex diary.
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    The Finance Guy Hung Up on the One He Can’t HaveThis week’s sex diary.
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    The Executive Recruiter With an Unemployed LoverThis week’s sex diary.
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    The Tech Exec With Boyfriends on Both CoastsThis week’s sex diary.
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    The Gay Corporate Strategist Wondering If He Has Daddy IssuesThis week’s sex diarist also has a thing for vintage porn.
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    The Woman in an Open Relationship With a Boyfriend Who’s Trying to Get His Other Girlfriend PregnantThey also argue over a month-old tweet.
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    The Nonprofit Worker in Her First ThreesomeA week in the sex life of a real New Yorker. This time, with threesome!
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    The Single Advertising Guy Who’s Working on Self-MarketingYour weekly peek into the sex life of a fellow New Yorker.