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Sex On Skates

  1. early and often
    Bristol Palin’s Baby, Out Tomorrow!Sadly, not everything is looking rosy for the Palin-Johnston clan.
  2. from the mouths of babes
    Levi Johnston Likes Obama, But Loves PalinSpeaking for rural America, Sex on Skates says he’s voting for her because she feels like family.
  3. sex on skates
    The McCain Campaign’s Latest Gimmick: A Palin-Johnston Wedding?The ‘Times’ of London is reporting that the McCain camp is considering forcing a quickie wedding between Bristol and Levi, to boost Sarah Palin’s ‘homespun authenticity.’
  4. sex on skates
    Is the ‘Times’ Telling Us More Than We Need to Know About Track Palin and Levi Johnston?In their report about the two young former hockey players, we wonder whether the Gray Lady is being too gossipy.
  5. early and often
    Levi ‘Sex on Skates’ Johnston Is Already in St. Paul for Republican ConventionThe hockey-playing hunk is set to join his pregnant girlfriend, Bristol Palin, as her mom accepts the Republican party’s vice-presidential nomination tonight.