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Sex In The City

  1. last night on late night
    SNL Combines Sex and the City and Handmaid’s Tale for Your New Favorite ComedyThe four gals just wanna brunch and bitch about their male commanders.
  2. sex in the city
    Don’t Date a Guy Who Tells You He Works on Broad CityIlana Glazer exposes a Catfish. 
  3. sex in the city
    How Often Is Sex Not ‘Rape by Deception’?A Palestinian man serves as a warning for all men.
  4. awards
    Joy Behar, Cynthia Nixon Take Top Honors at GLAAD Media AwardsList of winners here.
  5. sex in the city
    Help the City Pick Its New Condom WrapperThe city needs your help nailing this down.
  6. sex in the city
    Help the City Design Its New, Non-Raunchy, Non-Blasphemous Condom WrapperNo, you cannot degrade the Statue of Liberty in your design.