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Sex Offenders

  1. love in the time of trump
    A Convicted Sex Criminal Was the Face of a Trump Dating SiteTrump.dating is off to a rough start.
  2. crime
    Jared Fogle Thinks Judge Is Biased Because of Her Teenage DaughtersAccording to a new report from TMZ.
  3. bad science
    How the Supreme Court Spread a False Statistic About Sex OffendersIt’s hard to stand up against a claim that feels correct, and that ties into people’s deep-seated fears.
  4. can u not
    Dad of Football Player Accused of Rape: It Was Consensual Because Girls Want HimThis high-schooler’s dad needs to stop talking.
  5. sex offenders
    Judges Are Starting to Question Overzealous Sex-Offender LawsA key ruling in Michigan suggests that evidence, rather than panic, is starting to win out.
  6. very bad laws
    Sexting As a Teen in Colorado Could Make You a Sex Offender for LifeCurrently, Colorado has some of the harshest penalties for underage sexting.
  7. crime
    A Common Belief About Sex Offenders May Be WrongDoes being molested as a kid really increase the odds you’ll commit a sex crime?
  8. sex offenders
    Sex Offender Housing Restrictions Are PointlessIt’s a hyperpoliticized policy that may actually increase recidivism.
  9. the internet
    Louisiana Sex Offenders Must List Status on Social Media ProfileTwitter poised to get way more awkward.
  10. sex offenders
    Finance Rep Charged With Putting Semen in Female Co-worker’s Water BottleSomeone should tell him that’s not how babies are made.