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Sex Sells

  1. This New Fashion Campaign Features Real-Life Couples Having SexEckhaus Latta’s spring 2017 knits must be really cozy.
  2. Sex Sells
    Food Truck Specializing in Popcorn and Sex Toys Forced to CloseThe owner said he offered food because “you gotta have something afterwards.”
  3. Sex Sells
    Marc Jacobs Is Diet Coke’s New Creative DirectorHe’s showing off his six-pack, obviously.
  4. sex sells
    Why No One Should Be Shocked By Joan’s Big Move on Mad MenProstitution is just part of her transition phase.
  5. sex sells
    Kosher Sex Toy Site Is Rated G for the PiousIt used to be hard for an Orthodox Jew to find a vibrator. No longer!
  6. media
    Cosmopolitan Launched a ‘Cosmo for Guys’ iPad AppHigh-tech sex tips!
  7. it's science
    Advertisers Examining Whether Monkeys Are As Dumb As HumansDoes sex sell monkey food?
  8. sex sells
    Will a Bear, a Pretty Hipster Boy, and Sexual Innuendo Help Diesel Sell Clothes?Or just scare everyone who sees the company’s new downtown billboard?