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  1. oh new jersey
    Watch Two Realtors Figure Out Their Affair Was Being Filmed in a For-Sale HouseThe most humiliating lawsuit of the day.
  2. sexcapades
    Realtors Sued for Using New Jersey Home As Sex PadInstead of selling it.
  3. sexcapades
    Inside Out: Confessions of a 27-Year-Old Gay Virgin“Sex comes after … domestic partnership? It’s a complicated perspective for a repressed gay millennial.”
  4. sexcapades
    Another Vote in Favor of Ambien SexIf you can remember it.
  5. sexcapades
    Domme on Don: A Dominatrix’s Take on Don Draper’s Prostitute“A gorgeous client is just an added bonus, a fun toy, more fun to torture.”
  6. sexcapades
    What Don Draper’s New Fetish Says About Ours“I know what you want.” “Then do it.”