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  1. vulture sports
    Shaq Dares to Compete Against the Puppy BowlSHAQ Bowl will feature Ochocinco, Diplo, and two-thirds of Migos.
  2. remembrances
    Everything That Happened at Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s ‘Celebration of Life’You don’t need to be in Los Angeles to pay respects.
  3. rip kobe
    Shaq Breaks Down in Tears Remembering Kobe Bryant on TNT“Now, I lost a little brother.”
  4. twitter
    Shaq Asks for Free Animation Work, Gets Dunked OnAfter getting called out for a new contest, he upped the $500 prize to $10,000.
  5. pilots
    Ken Jeong and Shaquille O’Neal to Take on Odd Jobs in TBS Comedy PilotTim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are producing.
  6. kimmel komix
    J.J. Abrams Brings Jimmy Kimmel’s Teen Comic Book to Life With Absurd TrailerStarring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Billy Crudup, Jennifer Aniston, and more.
  7. roll clip!
    Shaquille O’Neal Lifts His Duet Lip-Sync-Battle Partner to New HeightsWhat better way to end March Madness?
  8. lip sync for your life
    Here’s Shaq Lip-Syncing Beyoncé’s ‘All Night’Pitch so not perfect.
  9. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Has Turned Into Jigsaw From SawThis is madness.
  10. truTV Orders a Workplace Comedy Pilot Starring Shaquille O’NealShaq might star in his own TruTV comedy series. Deadline reports that the network has handed a pilot order to Shaq Inq., a workplace comedy “in […]
  11. encounter
    Shaquille O’Neal on His Business Ventures“The James Franco of sports! That’s perfect!”
  12. ‘SNL’ Review: Kerry Washington Is ReadyI never thought we would see the day when SNL considered itself newsworthy enough to parody. But it happened – not in the form of a quick joke […]
  13. jesus christie
    Shaq Endorses Chris Christie for Governor, Makes Joke We Don’t Understand“He’s a good man. Excuse me — he’s a great man.”
  14. Vine 5 Film Festival: We Are All Somebody’s CousinVine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very […]
  15. guest stars
    Watch Shaquille O’Neal on Last Night’s SouthlandHe says “tig ole bitties.”
  16. Make It Stop
    Shaquille O’Neal Is Making ‘Luv Shaq’ VodkaIt’s the vodka no one asked for.
  17. Shaq Week Is Like a Scary Shark Week Riveting. I laughed, I cried, I wondered how hard it was to convince Shaq to hit himself with his shoe. It’s amazing to see him in his natural […]
  18. Slideshows
    Gratuity Included: A Quick History of Big Celebrity TippersWill these generous gratuities change your opinion of Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell? Possibly …
  19. Shilling
    Jason Alexander: Plenty of Soup for YouThe onetime souper non grata is shilling for the Soup Nazi.
  20. wishes
    Shaq Has a Pretty Reasonable Explanation for Kazaam“Someone said, ‘Hey, here’s $7 million, come in and do this genie movie.’”
  21. the daily show
    Watch Shaquille O’Neal Pick Up Jon StewartAnd that’s how you play basketball with Jon Stewart and Shaq.
  22. jack nicholson
    See a Collection of Photos Chronicling Jack Nicholson Through the Years, Courtside at Lakers GamesThe guy knows what he likes.
  23. Celebrity Settings
    Ruth Reichl Holds Court at Mozza; Jane Lynch Chases Emmy’s at Fig & OliveWhile Ray Romano ate Italian, L.A.’s food world heavyweights ran the private room.
  24. his shaqness
    Gang Members Allegedly Kidnapped Man for Shaq Sex TapeWhich may or may not exist.
  25. Celebrity Settings
    Celebrity Settings: Aging Idols ‘n Athletes EditionSteven Tyler at Whole Foods, Joey McIntyre at the Boston Harbor Hotel, and Shaq in … Wayland, all in our weekly celebrity dining round-up.
  26. clickables
    Watch Shaq Conduct the Boston Pops Holiday ConcertIn tails, no less.
  27. Mediavore
    Shaq Donates a Ton of Pasta; Fish Shop Finds a Hermaphrodite LobsterPlus: Paula Dean will marshal the Rose Parade, and a discussion of “candy danger,” all in our morning news roundup.
  28. wordaapp
    Nate Robinson and Shaquille O’Neal Are Going to Be a Lot of Fun TogetherYour move, THE_REAL_SHAQ.
  29. shaq
    Shaq Returns to ActingAdam Sandler has called on the big fella.
  30. Shaq Attack
    Get Ready for Summer ShaqWe have some promotion ideas for the newest Celtic.
  31. music
    Watch Shaq Dance-Battle Justin BieberAlternately, “Massive Ogre Nearly Squelches Tiny Doll-boy.”
  32. Shaq Attack
    Welcome to Boston, Shaq: Here’s Where to EatThere’s more to Boston celebrity dining than Legal Sea Foods.
  33. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Will Ferrell Hops Into Bed with David Letterman After His Bassoon SoloPlus, Stephen Colbert must not have recieved the memo about Doogie Howser not liking girls, on our regular late-night roundup.
  34. music
    Watch Shaq Serenade Justin Bieber“Justin Bieber, ye-es I love you, I hope you like me, I’m your biggest fan.”
  35. Celebrity Settings
    Bambino’s Daughter Lunches at Remy’s; Sox Party at RevolutionPlus: Pudge Fisk eats on Newbury, and Shaq fails to Tweet about Legal Sea Foods, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  36. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Threw a Drink at Jessica StamAnd more expected and unexpected celebrity behavior, in today’s gossip roundup.
  37. Celebrity Settings
    Yankees Think Avila is Top Chef; Babs Dines at Eastern StandardPlus: Shaq hits the North End, and Nomar feasts at Summer Shack, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  38. music
    Watch Shaq Wear a Wig and Lip-Synch to Rick JamesShaq’s got that musical bug!
  39. music
    Why Is Shaquille O’Neal in Owl City’s New Music Video?The song is “Vanilla Twilight,” and the question is “Huh?”
  40. gossipmonger
    Molly Sims and Aaron Eckhart Are DatingThe rest of us should just give up on life.
  41. quote machine
    Zach Galifianakis Refuses to Let Sudden Onset of Fame Go to His HeadPlus: Tommy Lee is still talking about his sex tape with Pamela Anderson.
  42. gossipmonger
    Ryan O’Neal Hit On His Daughter at His Girlfriend’s FuneralPlus, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are still making out all over the place, Billy Joel wants Katie Lee back, and more dysfunctional celebrity relationships in our daily gossip roundup.
  43. the industry
    Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz to Harass, Love The Green HornetPlus: Shaq vs. Michael Phelps.
  44. gossipmonger
    What Lindsay Lohan Thinks About Michael Jackson’s Death“NO OMG … I feel sick.” Also, touching insights from other celebrities, via — what else — Twitter.
  45. the sports section
    Shaq Learns of Trade to the Cavs via TwitterNot that this is surprising.
  46. the industry
    Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker Headed for the ClinkPlus: Shaq does comedy.
  47. gossipmonger
    Piano-Bar Visit Proves Guy Ritchie Isn’t Anti-GayHe sang ‘Tomorrow’ from ‘Annie,’ so it can’t be true he’s homophobic. In the gossip roundup.
  48. gossipmonger
    Jermaine Dupri Puked in Janet Jackson’s LapThat’s the way love goes, we guess? Speaking of which: ScarJo got married! And more, in today’s gossip roundup.
  49. summering
    New Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon Is All Over the HamptonsPlus, David Paterson hits the East End, Seinfeld plays ball, and Jeff Corwin thinks the Montauk Monster is just a raccoon. All in our Hamptons roundup.
  50. vulture lists
    5 Top Songs of Summer 2008So what is the song of the summer anyway?
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