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    A High-School Student Wore Gina Rodriguez’s Golden Globes Dress to PromShe looked great.
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    Will Airbnb’s $21 Million Olive Branch Get It Legalized in New York?Or will the hotel industry continue to play hardball?
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    NYC Bike-Share Program Is Citibank Blue and Pretty PriceyBloomberg and the bike’s bank sponsor announced details today.
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    Tentative Locations of a Few Dozen Bike-Share Stations Announced!Get pumped!
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    Everyone Wants Their Own Bike Share StationThe city is taking suggestions, and New Yorkers are suggesting that bike racks be placed everywhere.
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    Sorority Girls at Southern Schools Make Up a Large Portion of Rent the Runway’s BusinessSo many parties and nothing to wear!
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    New Website for Renting Fancy Dresses LaunchesLord knows what these things will have been through before they get to you.