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Sheldon Adelson

  1. obits
    Conservative Megadonor Sheldon Adelson May Be the Last of His KindThe casino mogul, who has died at 87, typified the kingmaking role made possible by Citizens United.
  2. trump administration
    Trump Has Made Enriching Sheldon Adelson a Top Goal of U.S.-Japan RelationsIn a diplomatic meeting with Shinzo Abe, Trump encouraged the prime minister to let his major campaign donor build a casino in Japan.
  3. Sheldon Adelson’s Fantasizing About Building Casinos in North KoreaThe billionaire casino mogul and Republican megadonor seems to be eyeing expansion in the world’s most isolated country.
  4. Bloomberg to Spend $80 Million to Help Democrats in the MidtermsProperly concentrated, Bloomberg’s big bucks could make a big difference in suburban swing districts in November.
  5. GOP Moneybags Foster Friess to Run for Governor of WyomingAfter contributing generously to candidates like Rick Santorum, Friess is ready to strut his own stuff.
  6. politics
    U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Is Happening Almost ImmediatelyWhen a real embassy facility is built in Jerusalem, it could be paid for in part by donations from conservative donors — including Sheldon Adelson.
  7. Bibi’s a Step Closer to the SlammerThe Israeli police have recommended he face charges on two counts of corruption. But the process could take a long while.
  8. Trump Wants to Make an Iraq War Architect One of His Top DiplomatsBut Establishment Republicans think the party needs to move on from the Bush years. (Which makes sense, considering the fact that nothing matters.)
  9. GOP Convention to Sheldon Adelson: Hey, Brother, Can You Spare $6 Million? Cash-strapped organizers, stricken by corporate defections, reach for the ultimate deep pocket.
  10. today in donald trump
    GOP Megadonor Sheldon Adelson Pledges As Much As $100 Million to Support TrumpTrump had called his GOP primary opponents “puppets” for relying on donors like Adelson.
  11. Sheldon Adelson Backs Trump, While Clinton Goes Fishing for Bush DonorsThe casino magnate looks to be the Donald’s first confirmed GOP megadonor. But Team Clinton is hoping it can peel off a few others.
  12. the sports section
    Raiders to Meet With Adelson About Vegas StadiumThe team’s search for a new stadium continues.
  13. early and often
    Donald Trump Wooed Key GOP Donors Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and the KochsWhen they all spurned him, he bad-mouthed his rivals for seeking their support.
  14. early and often
    Sheldon Adelson Is Ready to Buy the PresidencyHe just hasn’t decided which Republican candidate to back. Care to make a pitch?
  15. early and awkard
    Sheldon Adelson Is Unhappy With Chris Christie AgainThe governor isn’t making a favorable impression on the Israel-obsessed megadonor.
  16. the national circus
    Frank Rich: GOP Won’t Surrender in Obamacare WarIt’s the only issue Republicans have in the midterms.
  17. jesus christie
    Christie Sorry for Saying ‘Occupied Territories’To Republican casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, in particular.
  18. iran so far away
    Sheldon Adelson Wants to Nuke Iran Just to Make a PointOh. 
  19. lawsuits
    Jury Orders Sheldon Adelson to Pay $70M for Macau FootholdThis isn’t the first time Hong Kong consultant Richard Suen has won against the billionaire in court. 
  20. lawsuits
    Sheldon Adelson Suing WSJ Reporter for Calling Him ‘Foul Mouthed’Please let there be a trial documenting his swearing.
  21. Despite Terrible Track Record, Sheldon Adelson Will Still Dispense Campaign Cash“There’s always a new hand coming up,” says Adelson.
  22. white men with money
    Sheldon Adelson and the Super-Rich Drying Their Romney Tears With $100 BillsHow the right’s biggest donors are reacting.
  23. flattery
    Ed Koch Got a Special Visit From Sheldon AdelsonWas flattery enough to move the lukewarm Obama supporter to Romney’s side? 
  24. eccentric billionaires are the best kind of billionaires
    Sheldon Adelson Is Buying the World’s Most Expensive Potato LatkeIt’s worth about $70 million.
  25. anger mismanagement
    Daughter of Billionaire Republican Donor Grabbed, Threw Journalist’s Camera“How much money you going to spend on this election?”
  26. the circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Ryan’s Bungled RolloutThis guy is no game-changer.
  27. investigations
    Sheldon Adelson’s Vegas Casinos Targeted in Money-Laundering ProbeAdelson himself is not being investigated, but it doesn’t make him look great.
  28. white men with money
    DCCC Apologizes to AdelsonApology accepted.
  29. stuck in the mittle
    The Press Will Now Be Allowed at Mitt Romney’s Jerusalem Fund-raiserOr one lucky pool reporter. 
  30. politics
    Sheldon Adelson Arms Young Guns With $5 MillionGuns activated.
  31. white men with money
    Sheldon Adelson Is Throwing the Republicans Another $35 MillionThat’s $71 million and counting.
  32. politics
    Sheldon Adelson Ready to Throw More Money Behind Republican CandidatesHe only has to figure out where to send it.
  33. things we already knew
    Wealthy Gingrich Backer Sheldon Adelson Says Newt Is ‘At the End of His Line’Newt Gingrich isn’t getting his allowance this month.
  34. Billionaire Gave More Money to Gingrich Super PACRumored as much as $10 million.
  35. NYT: ‘Rumors Swirl’ About Gingrich WithdrawalGingrich spokesperson: NYT “unfit for print.”
  36. Everyone Agrees, Romney’s Going to Dominate in Nevada Tonight [Updated]And early caucus results seem to be bearing that out.
  37. eye of newt
    Five Reasons Why Newt Gingrich Should Keep Running, ForeverWe mean, have you SEEN this race?
  38. eye of newt
    Gingrich Supporter Sheldon Adelson Denies Involvement in Anti-Romney DocumentaryAdelson is not anti-capitalist. He’s pro-Newt.