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  1. Here’s a Sneak Peek of Tonight’s ‘Friends of the People’ Featuring Sherri […]Ahead of tonight’s brand new episode of truTV’s breakout sketch show Friends of the People at 10:00pm, here’s a sneak peek with special guest […]
  2. tv
    Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Are Leaving The ViewEveryone except Whoopi.
  3. kids these days
    Fabulous Kids Get Their Own Show at Fashion WeekWell, that’s one alternative to day care.
  4. war on women's daytime talk shows
    Romney Lags With Women, Especially Sherri ShepherdABC’s daytime talk show is the latest battleground in the war on women. 
  5. hairy situations
    Sherri Shepherd, Longtime Wig Proponent, Gets Her Own Hairpiece LineWith Daisy Fuentes and Tabatha Coffey.
  6. 21 questions
    Sherri Shepherd Gets Mistaken for Oprah by the Gyro GuyThe comedian and TV personality answers our 21 Questions.
  7. quote machine
    Matt Damon Expecting Fourth ChildPlus: Drew Barrymore rips woman’s face off.
  8. exclusive
    Sherri Shepherd to Maybe Host The Newlywed GameShe’s in deep conversations with GSN about taking over as host of the ‘Newlywed Game.’
  9. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Lawrence, Grahame-SmithPlus: Guided By Voices reveals tour details.
  10. chat room
    Sherri Shepherd on her nixed red-carpet Lautner questions’The View’ co-host talks about her pre-Oscar show gig, watching ladies in gowns run in the rain, and hitting on George Clooney.
  11. beauty marks
    Scientists Invent Anti-Sunburn Pill; Mary J. Blige Is Copying RihannaAnd Sherri Shepherd wore a mullet on ‘The View.’
  12. quote machine
    Girl From The Piano SpeaksPerformance artist James Franco on his ‘General Hospital’ role.
  13. head for the hills
    We Sat Next to Spencer Pratt at The View Taping TodayHe wore a necklace made of crystals to protect himself from evil (us?).
  14. gossipmonger
    Someone Hired Lindsay Lohan!For a movie! Okay, it’s called ‘Machete,’ but still!
  15. beauty marks
    Nars Shoots for Japanese Vogue; The View Airs Sherri Shepherd’s First BrazilianAlso, Lindsay Lohan is back to blonde.
  16. gossipmonger
    Here We Go: There Might Be a John Edwards Sex TapeOf course there might be a John Edwards sex tape. Of course.
  17. the industry
    Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks Fulfill a DreamPlus: Sherri Shepherd goes solo.
  18. a view from the ropes
    Sherri Shepherd’s WWE Smackdown AppearanceNo, this is not an old joke about ‘The View.’
  19. the most important people in the world
    Details on Tracy Jordan Morgan’s Apartment FireIt apparently affected the apartment of his TV wife, Sherri Shepherd, and may have been caused by his TV pet.
  20. gossipmonger
    Did Gwyneth Paltrow Get a New Pair of Knockers for Christmas?That’s what ‘Page Six’ thinks. Plus, the bus that smells like pot on West 48th Street is Willie Nelson’s. In the gossip roundup.
  21. in other news
    Whoopi Goldberg: ‘I’ve Had 50 Lovers’That’s more than Carla Bruni!
  22. in other news
    Sherri Shepherd Has Had an Uncomfortable Number of AbortionsAlso, she thinks Barbara Walters may need to be ‘saved.’ Splendid!
  23. intel
    Suze Orman: ‘Women Hurt Themselves’The financial self-help guru says that women sometimes get in the way of their own advancement.
  24. early and often
    John McCain Pokes Fun at Obama, Whoopi on ‘The View’The ladies grilled him pretty steadily, but he held his own through a mix of boilerplate and jokes.
  25. party lines
    ‘View’ Girls Ready to Goose McCain, Defend Their Focus on Domestic PiffleThe View ladies talked last night about what they will ask John McCain during today’s show. Let’s see if they stick to their guns.
  26. in other news
    Live-Blogging Barack Obama on ‘The View’Barack Obama discussed taxes, Reverend Wright, and his inherent sexiness on ‘The View’ this morning. We followed it closely. When we weren’t being distracted by his big brown eyes.
  27. intel
    Just in Time for Hanukkah, Sherri Shepherd Explains Judaism AwayWe love Sherri Shepherd. Since she came on The View, the show has had more energy, more weaves, and a hell of a lot more on-camera drinking. Also, it’s had a lot more interesting Christian moments. Like today, when Sherri claimed that Jesus Christ arrived on Earth and started the Christian religion before anything else in history happened. During a discussion about the Greek philosopher Epicurus (341 B.C.–270 B.C.), the following debate popped up among a lot of cross chatter: Whoopi: Keep in mind probably when he was around there was no Jesus going on. Sherri: No, they had Christians back then. [Cross talk] Sherri: They had Christians, they threw them to the lions. [Cross talk] Whoopi: I think this might predate that. Joy: They believed in polytheism. Sherri: I don’t think anything predated Christians. Joy: No, the ancient Greeks were earlier. It went Greeks, Romans, then Christians. Sherri: Jesus came first before them. Whoopi: [Gently, bless her] Not on paper. Now, Sherri is not wrong about people in the Bible being thrown to the lions way before then. But people called them Jews then, because Jesus didn’t come until 300 years later. All in all, probably a fair mistake. Just not one we expected to hear in the same episode as Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul talking about aborting an 8-month-old baby. The View [ABC]
  28. quote machine
    Pot Feuds With KettleQuotes from KT Tunstall and Johnny Rotten. Plus, Dolly Parton on her plans to die!