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Shinzo Abe

  1. eyes on the prize
    White House Asked Japan for Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize NominationBut what did Japan get in return for the typically anonymous honor, and was it the only country to receive the request?
  2. Japan’s Shinzo Abe Quote-Tweets Trump Bashing Jeff FlakeIt was probably an accident.
  3. friendship
    Trump Attempts to Bond Over Shared InterestsHe’s really putting himself out there.
  4. shaken not stirred
    Why Hope Hicks Wore a Tuxedo in JapanHow the Trump women used their bodies as decoys in Japan.
  5. select all
    Sorry, But Trump Didn’t Actually Overfeed Those FishTrump was just following Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe’s lead.
  6. political strategy
    Japan’s Leader Just Showed How Trump Could Win in 2020Not long ago Shinzo Abe’s approval rating was below 30 percent. But he just romped to reelection.
  7. Donald Trump’s Handshakes May Reveal a Lot About the Man Himself▶️ No world leader is exempt.
  8. Watch Trump Crash a Wedding Right After Giving His North Korea StatementThe groom was the son of a major donor to pro-Trump super-PACs.
  9. Trump and Japan’s PM Praise Alliance, Share Uncomfortable HandshakeThe leaders met at the White House before their trip to Mar-a-Lago.
  10. select all
    This Long Handshake Between Trump and Shinzo Abe Sure Is SomethingPrime Minister Abe’s face when it’s over says it all.
  11. Japan’s Prime Minister Gave Trump a $3,800 Golden Golf ClubAmerica’s president-elect gave Shinzō Abe a handful of shirts in return.
  12. State Dinners
    Jiro Ono’s Shop Was Second Choice for President Obama’s Dinner ThatThe government tried to book a table for fancy tempura, but that place was full.
  13. Sashimi
    President Obama Ate at Jiro Ono’s Sushi RestaurantThe meal was expected, as usual, to last 20-something minutes.