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  1. shmashmortion
    Federal Judge Blocks Part of Texas Abortion LawAnd Rand Paul warns of abortion eugenics. 
  2. shmashmortion
    Meet the Doctors Who Provide Late-Term AbortionsAll four of them.
  3. shmashmortion
    So Much for That Wildly Successful ‘Webcam Abortion’ ProgramIt’s over now.
  4. shmashmortion
    Ross Perot Steps Up for Beleaguered Texas Planned ParenthoodAnd soon Wendy Davis will, too. 
  5. Getting an Abortion, the Video GameTexas’s draconian abortion regulations inspired a role-playing game. 
  6. shmashmortion
    Better Access to Abortion Doesn’t Mean More AbortionsBut free IUDs might mean fewer abortions.
  7. shmashmortion
    North Dakota’s Pro-choice Republican Is ‘Terrified’State representative Kathy Hawken is at her wit’s end.
  8. geography
    Sun Belt, Bible Belt… Anti-Abortion Belt?In law and public sentiment, regional culture defines abortion trends.
  9. shmashmortion
    J.J. Redick’s Abortion Contract: A Novel, If Unromantic, IdeaAn NBA player leads the way.
  10. shmashmortion
    Texas Senate Passes Filibustered Abortion BillAs expected.
  11. shmashmortion
    Watch Texas Legislature’s Best Pro-Choice Testimony YetShe’s moving to New York, naturally.
  12. shmashmortion
    Texas House Provisionally Approves the Bill Wendy Davis FilibusteredIt’s expected to go all the way.
  13. trap laws
    Wisconsin Judge Blocks Anti-Abortion LawWisconsin’s Judge William Conley says new restrictions serve “no medical purpose.”
  14. shmashmortion
    National Republicans Stay Clear of Texas Abortion DebateDon’t want to Akin it. 
  15. quotables
    Rick Perry: Wendy Davis Is Proof Women Don’t Need Abortion Rights“It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example.”
  16. shoe reviews
    Amazon Reviewers Say Wendy Davis’s Pink Sneakers ‘Outrun Patriarchy’Five out of five stars. 
  17. shmashmortion
    Rick Perry Calls Do-Over on Filibustered Abortion Bill It’s good to be the king.
  18. shmashmortion
    Texas Abortion Defender Wendy Davis Was Amazing Way Before We Knew Her NameShe’s been at it for years. 
  19. shmashmortion
    Dramatic Filibuster Beats Texas Anti-Abortion Bill (Eventually)With help from an “unruly mob.” For now.
  20. shmashmortion
    Texas Lawmaker Filibustering Anti-Abortion BillAnd she can’t even lean against her desk. 
  21. shmashmortion
    Texas House Votes to Close 37 Abortion ClinicsOut of 42. 
  22. shmashmortion
    Trent Franks’s Abortion Bill Passes the House, With One Last GaffeThe masturbating fetus defense.
  23. shmashmortion
    Young Republicans to Make Abortion FunnyWhat could possibly go wrong?
  24. love and war
    Trent Franks’s Abortion Ban Now Has a Rape ExceptionAfter all that.
  25. counterpoint
    Why Trent Franks Is Actually Worse Than Todd AkinA rebuttal.
  26. shmashmortion
    Rubio’s Novel Way to Avoid Rape Controversy“I don’t know who that is.”
  27. What Would Happen If Representative Trent Franks’s Abortion Ban Passed?A handy illustration.
  28. shmashmortion
    You’ll Never Guess What This Freshman Republican Blamed on Roe v. WadeRhymes with grool grootings.
  29. shmashmortion
    Kermit Gosnell Is Too Old for the Death PenaltyThe abortion doctor will still serve life in prison though. 
  30. shmashmortion
    Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty on Three Counts of MurderAnd one count of manslaughter. 
  31. shmashmortion
    Pro-Life Sting-Video Maven Lila Rose Is BackHer latest videos are inspired by Kermit Gosnell.
  32. shmashmortion
    Watch Obama’s Planned Parenthood SpeechNo mention of Kermit Gosnell.
  33. shmashmortion
    N.D. Abortion Ban to Show Women They Don’t Want Abortions AnywayBy making them very hard to get.
  34. shmashmortion
    ‘If Babies Had Guns … ’ Is the Start of Congressman’s Campaign Motto” … they wouldn’t be aborted” is the end of it.
  35. shmashmortion
    New York Post Alleges Kermit Gosnell HypocrisyWhat’s going on with Kermit Gosnell?
  36. shmashmortion
    In Washington, a Proposed Abortion Bill That Doesn’t SuckIt’s currently stalled in committee.
  37. shmashmortion
    North Dakota Reclaims ‘Worst State for Women’ Title From ArkansasSees Arkansas’s twelve-week abortion ban, raises it six weeks.
  38. shmashmortion
    Arkansas Passed Jason Rapert’s Kamikaze 12-Week Abortion BanGovernor called it “blatantly unconstitutional.”
  39. shmashmortion
    Bieber’s Mom Not Saying Her Position on AbortionShe’s not anti-abortion; she’s just pro-pregnancy.
  40. shmashmortion
    Bill Would Treat Abortion As Evidence-TamperingThe bill would make it a felony to get an abortion if you’ve been raped, because of “tampering with evidence.”
  41. shmashmortion
    Confusing Time for Pro-Choice Female RepublicanMaine senator Susan Collins is “bewildered” by her party’s abortion stance.
  42. shmashmortion
    Congressman Joe Walsh Makes Dumb Abortion Remark“You can’t find one instance” when abortion would save the mother’s life, he claimed. 
  43. shmashmortion
    Akin Makes Another Odd Abortion Claim What?
  44. shmashmortion
    Texas Will Use Hiring Freeze to Recoup Funds Lost in Planned Parenthood BanThe state’s plan to recoup federal funds lost when it excluded Planned Parenthood from a health-care program for low-income women.
  45. convention dispatch
    Fetus Trucks Circling Downtown TampaGraphic.
  46. shmashmortion
    Paul Ryan Does Not Want to Talk Rape SemanticsThere is no “forcible rape” and other kinds of rape.
  47. todd achin'
    Todd Akin Fights Back With Attack on Liberal Elitist Media, FetusOn Romney: “Why couldn’t he run his race and I’ll run mine?”
  48. shmashmortion
    GOP Dusts Off the Old Abortion PlankHow abortion became part of the GOP platform.
  49. shmashmortion
    Why It Makes Sense for Todd Akin to Stay in the Race [Updated]He reiterated today that he’s not dropping out.
  50. shmashmortion
    Steve King Says Dumb Thing About PregnancyThe GOP freak show continues.
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