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Show Me The Money

  1. show me the money
    Chuck Schumer Has an Idea for How to Prevent ‘Transportation Armageddon’It involves convincing governors Cuomo and Christie that he’s not making them a crap sandwich. 
  2. show me the money
    Spike Lee Turns to Kickstarter for Next MovieHe’s trying to raise $1,250,000.
  3. show me the money
    Controller’s Office Finds $17 Million in Shady AccountA bank error in the city’s favor, sort of.
  4. show me the money
    Did Spike Lee Sell Out Bed-Stuy?A liquor ad he endorsed is papered all over the neighborhood from ‘Do the Right Thing.’
  5. show me the money
    Matt Dillon Latest Person to Sue CrashFor $100,000.