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  1. revivals
    Oh Geez, They Want to Bring Back Shrek“The challenge for us has been to find something that really does feel like it’s not simply yet another film in a series of sequels.”
  2. where's the beef?
    Smash Mouth and Smashing Pumpkins Have Beef Now and You Have to ChooseAre you a rat in a cage or walkin’ on the sun?
  3. America Inspired by Teen Protester’s Call at RNC: ‘Make Memes Great Again’It’s time to make memes great again.
  4. resurrections
    Try Not to Shriek, But Comcast Is Looking to Revive ShrekComcast wants to make a whole load of Shreks.
  5. Was 2001 the Most Important Year in Film-Meme History?How three future memes came together for one award.
  6. Why This Comedian Is Selling ‘Shrek Nudes’ to Benefit Planned Parenthood“The real idea behind it is that no matter how silly or bizarre an idea people think selling Shrek nudes is, it’s an idea that involves my body that’s 100 percent within my control.”
  7. I Refuse to Give Away This Vine’s Twist EndingPlease watch and like.
  8. Listen to Chris Farley As the Original Shrek“They judge me before they even know me.”
  9. Mediavore
    Vince Neil Arrested For DUI; Stefan Richter Scores Cameo on EntourageThe Motley Crue singer was celebrating a new album called “Tatoos and Tequila” while the Top Chef horndog is making his HBO debut.
  10. Mediavore
    Shrek Sells Kids on Onions; Stefan Richter’s EntouragePlus: Chef Susan Spicer sues BP, and the EU tries to eliminate selling eggs by the dozen, in our daily roundup of food news.
  11. movies
    Is a Shrek Toy Teaching Children Slang for Female Genitalia?“The three little pigs are supposed to huff and puff, but instead some adults are hearing words that have left them squealing.”
  12. weekend box office
    Jaden Smith Defeats Shrek at the Box OfficeHeigl’s film isn’t earning impressive numbers.
  13. weekend box office
    Katherine Heigl Loses to Jonah Hill at the Weekend Box OfficeBut they both lost to an ogre.
  14. weekend box office
    Shrek Forever After Wins the Box OfficeAnd ‘MacGruber’ loses, big time.
  15. party chat
    Eddie Murphy: ‘My Cool and Edge Are Gone’“Whatever my edge or cool was back then, I’m onto some other area. I don’t know what it is.”
  16. beauty marks
    Adrian Grenier Hacked Off His Curly Locks; Lady Moods Affected by HairAlso, M.A.C.’s Times Square flagship officially opened its doors yesterday.
  17. movies
    See the Racy Shrek Photo Shoot DreamWorks Is Up in Arms AboutLingerie and shirtless boys are involved.
  18. scandale!
    Dreamworks Regrets VMan’s Shrek SpreadPerhaps the topless men in body chains and acid wash jeans were too much for them.
  19. shrek
    Shrek Forever After to Open Tribeca Film FestivalWorld premiere at TFF to take place month before nationwide release.
  20. trailer mix
    Shrek: Forever After Trailer Better in 3DShrek’s last journey begins in May.
  21. the industry
    Johnny Depp to Possibly Take a VacationPlus: Anthony Hopkins! Meryl Streep’s Daughter! Mario Lopez!
  22. the industry
    By the Power of Grayskull, Warner Bros. Has the Power!Plus: ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ grows.
  23. the industry
    Sir Ridley Scott Sick of Not Winning OscarsRidley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio reteam for another project, Ricky Gervais adds more comedy superstars to his new movie, and Broadway casts its big green ogre.
  24. the early-evening news
    The Rolling Stones Are the Anti-RadioheadPlus: Sundance begins!
  25. quote machine
    Shrek Princess Hooked on Heroin