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  1. whodunnit
    Guess They Didn’t Like the Statue, HuhSomeone set Slovenia’s Melania Trump sculpture on fire.
  2. Sources: Trump Will Name California Businesswoman Ambassador to SloveniaKelly Roberts is also a GOP donor and the mother of two reality-TV stars. Native Slovenian Melania Trump had a strong hand in the choice.
  3. politics
    Melania Trump Is Causing a Tourism Boom in SloveniaThe number of American visitors is up 15 percent since her husband took office.
  4. politics
    Melania Trump’s Hometown in Slovenia Is Giving $90 First Lady ToursThe tiny town of Sevnica also offers Melania-themed wine, chocolate, and face cream.
  5. branding
    Melania Trump’s Home Country Named a Brand of Salami After HerSlovenia’s “First Lady” wine is meant to honor the First Lady.
  6. Beer Me
    World’s Best Town to Install Public Beer FountainLocal officials opted for this over fixing their water supply.
  7. 18 Drown Off Turkey As EU Leaders Meet And Slovenia starts building its razor-wire fence.
  8. migrant crisis
    Slovenia Is the Latest Migrant-Crisis ZoneSince Saturday, nearly 20,000 people have crossed into Slovenia from Croatia. 
  9. world cup
    FIFA Refs Once Again Cause Every American Fan to Dent Wall With HeadThe U.S. and Algeria are tied nil-nil at the half. That isn’t good.
  10. world cup
    Four Teams Are Through: Now It’s AMERICA’s Turn!Argentina and South Korea are in, and now the U.S. prepares for tomorrow morning.
  11. world cup
    Koman Coulibaly Makes It Difficult to Contain One’s RageDealing with that horrible call ain’t easy.
  12. world cup
    Team USA Draws With Slovenia, But … Argghhhh!That wore us out.
  13. ouch
    Americans Tie Up Nation Wearing Charlie Brown Jerseys!The United States falls behind 2–0 to Slovenia in the World Cup.
  14. world cup
    Les Blues, Merde! Messi! Red Cards! And Now: USA! USA! USA!France is pretty much done, and hey: USA! USA!
  15. world cup
    World Cup Preview: Group COur look at Algeria, England, Slovenia, and the United States.