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Slow News Day

  1. slow news day
    The Worst Iggy Azalea ‘Fancy’ Parody YetThe worst “Fancy” parody yet.
  2. slow news day
    Let’s Welcome Dr. Martens’ Leather Sneakers to Kristen Stewart’s ClosetThey are not boots.
  3. slow news day
    Grapefruit? More Like Greatfruit.Why Slate has it all wrong about this delicious, healthy fruit.
  4. slow news day
    Someone Made $19,000 Gold ShoelacesSigh.
  5. Nick Swisher and His Wife Will Honeymoon in AfghanistanHe has a good reason: He’ll be visiting troops.
  6. money honey
    Louis Vuitton Has Ventured Into Bee-KeepingThey’ve just made their first batch of honey.
  7. slow news day
    Here Is a Shoe That Looks Like a Coffee PotNo, really.
  8. slow news day
    Here Is a Wedding Dress Made of Toilet Paper, Packing Tape, and Hot GlueA woman from Michigan won $1,000 for making it.
  9. slow news day
    So, Are JorJeggings Happening Now?They are indeed — at Bloomingdale’s, at least.
  10. yankees
    The Yankees Will Play Baseball Again Tomorrow, We PromiseIn the meantime, George Sherrill may be available, and Alex Rodriguez’s thumb kind of hurts.
  11. slow news day
    Challenge: Listen to Andre J.’s New Song in Its EntiretyWatch out, Countess LuAnn.
  12. slow news day
    What’s the Deal With Jon Favreau and Ultimate Fighting?Has he finally been typecast as something besides Vince Vaughn’s drinking buddy?