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Slumdog Millionaire

  1. embarrassing stories
    Riz Ahmed Looks Back on His Horrible Slumdog Millionaire Audition“I’m spitting into Danny Boyle’s naked chest, and the camera guy is not getting any of this.”
  2. jai-look out below
    A.R. Rahman’s Light Show Too Much for DetroitHe’s canceled his North American tour after a lighting-rig collapse in Motor City.
  3. london 2012
    Danny Boyle May Direct 2012 Olympics Opening“I can’t say any more. It would be lovely, wouldn’t it?”
  4. the industry
    Neil Patrick Harris Will Pay You to Get in a BoxPlus: The ‘South Park’ guys hit the stage.
  5. precious
    Too Early to Say, But Precious Is Poised for Indie Box-Office GreatnessWill ‘Precious’ become the next ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ or the next ‘The Aristocrats,’ which did well in limited release and then tanked?
  6. slumdogs
    Slumdog Children Morph From Lovable Scamps to Lovable TruantsTheir trust is in jeopardy if they don’t start going to class.
  7. wes anderson
    Wes Anderson: ‘Why Was Slumdog a Hit and Not Darjeeling?’“Why did this India movie become a big hit and mine didn’t?”
  8. party chat
    Salman Rushdie on Casting the Midnight’s Children Movie“I happen to know [Dev Patel’s] people approached the production to express an interest.”
  9. slumdogs
    Slumdog Child Star Gets New DigsFinally, some good news for the ‘Slumdog’ kids.
  10. Kids From Smile Pinki Faring Way Better Than Ones From SlumdogMemo to impoverished Indian children: be from the movie that won the Best Documentary Oscar, not Best Picture.
  11. slumdogs
    Danny Boyle Visits Slumdog Stars, Brings HousesBoyle is in India today visiting the young stars of his movie whose houses were recently demolished.
  12. terrible things
    Vulture Demands a Moratorium on Any Further Demolition of Slumdog Actors’ HousesWe’re serious this time.
  13. stings
    Slumdog Dad Cleared, but Sad Tale Isn’t Over Yet“The Oscar has destroyed my family.”
  14. beef
    Hollywood Blog Wars Continue to EscalateBut is the whole thing just a tempest in a teapot?
  15. arrests
    Slumdog Father ArrestedThis story keeps getting weirder and weirder.
  16. hints and allegations
    Highly Dubious ‘Slumdog for Sale’ Story Captures World’s AttentionWhom do we believe here?
  17. mistakes
    Extra Features Missing on Slumdog Millionaire DVDsNo word about the subtitles, though.
  18. backlash
    Slumdog Millionaire Backlash Refuses to DieYou’d think a post-’Slumdog’ payday would be nice, but you’d be wrong.
  19. kiddie chic
    Slumdog Millionaire Kids Hit the CatwalkThey soiled their clothes playing before the show. Adorable.
  20. jonaspocalypse
    The Jonas Brothers: Over’Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience’ made only $12.7 million this weekend, dashing all hopes for a national return to prosperity in our lifetime.
  21. the industry
    Woody Allen Liked Slumdog Millionaire, TooPlus: Yep, ‘Melrose Place’ is back.
  22. anil kapoor
    Anil Kapoor Wins the Slumdog FootraceWhen ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ won Best Picture last night, did you notice which hilarious Bollywood egotist was the first one to the podium?
  23. kudos
    The Oscars: the Complete WinnersSee the list of winners we pretty much could’ve guessed back in November!
  24. oscars
    Red-carpet Style, Live From the OscarsAll the looks from the Most Important Red Carpet Ever.
  25. kudos
    Vulture’s Final Oscar Predictions: the Exciting CategoriesWant to lose $10 in your Oscar pool? Bet on these!
  26. kudos
    Slumdog Millionaire Kids Set to Hit the Red CarpetWatch out for Gary Busey!
  27. advice
    Vulture’s Post-Oscar Career PlannerWhat wisdom do we hope this year’s nominees, snubbed hopefuls, and breakout stars take away from one of the most exciting awards races in recent memory?
  28. oscars
    Oscar Producers Determined to Get M.I.A. Into BedThey’re offering to let her perform in a ‘large bed’ onstage.
  29. dream the impossible dream
    The Pussycat Dolls Cover ‘Jai Ho’’Slumdog Millionaire’-mania is unavoidable, people.
  30. cancellations
    Peter Gabriel Will Not Be the Meat in a Slumdog SandwichGabriel has refused to perform at the Oscars if it means he only gets 65 seconds in between ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Oh Saya.’
  31. non-denial denials
    Harvey Weinstein Not Not Responsible for Slumdog Millionaire Backlash’When you’re Billy the Kid and people around you die of natural causes, everyone thinks you shot them.’
  32. anil kapoor
    Anil Kapoor Takes ManhattanWatch out!
  33. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: The Stylish Evolution of Freida PintoThe ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star is delivering a master class on how to step into the spotlight, with a closet we’d like to raid almost all the time.
  34. apropos of nothing
    Anil Kapoor Can Make Even an Airport Interview With TMZ Seem ThrillingHe gets to meet Regis tomorrow, too!
  35. kudos
    Slumdog Wins Another AwardDespite last week’s invented controversy, Danny Boyle won top honors from the Directors Guild on Saturday.
  36. kudos
    Making the Case for Milk to Squeak by Slumdog MillionaireIf you think ‘Slumdog’ is a lock, think again.
  37. backlash to the backlash
    Slumdog Filmmakers Strike BackWith ten Oscars on the line, Danny Boyle has released a statement rebutting charges of exploitation that appeared in Tuesday’s ‘Telegraph.’
  38. backlash
    Slumdog Millionaire Backlash IntensifiesCharges of child exploitation! Protests at Indian movie theaters! Dogs named after Danny Boyle!
  39. backlash
    Decoding the Slumdog Millionaire BacklashWho’s upset over Slumdog? Not real-life slumdogs!
  40. kudos
    PGA and SAG Bow to Peer Pressure, Name Slumdog Millionaire Best PictureIf you still had money on Frost/Nixon’s Oscar victory, this should probably be your wake-up call.
  41. kudos
    Slumdog Millionaire and Kate Winslet Win Practically Every Golden GlobePlus: Mickey Rourke! Tina Fey! ‘Mad Men’!
  42. kudos
    Batman Scores DGA NodAre these the front-runners for Best Picture?
  43. kudos
    Producers Guild Nominations Get Batman’s Hopes UpThe Producers Guild just announced their nominees for Best Picture — and they include ‘The Dark Knight.’
  44. backlash
    A Best Picture Contender’s Guide to Running Against Slumdog MillionaireNow that the underdog is the odds-on favorite, we’ve drafted a list of anti-’Slumdog’ talking points that might be helpful to publicists running rival Oscar campaigns.
  45. right-click
    A.R. Rahman Slums It With M.I.A.This track feels as at-home on the subway as it does on the subcontinent.
  46. kudos
    Slumdog Is Movin’ On UpDanny Boyle’s film takes an early lead in this year’s Oscar race, thanks to a Best Picture nod from the National Board of Review.
  47. chat room
    Composer A.R. Rahman on the Sounds of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and Being M.I.A.’s IdolI said, ‘Cut the crap, this ‘my idol’ crap.’
  48. chat room
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Star Dev Patel on His First-Ever Movie Role and Skinny-Dipping on TVVulture talks to Patel about teen TV, Bombay, and how he wound up in ‘Slumdog.’
  49. stupid
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Inexplicably Rated RWas the MPAA scared by the sight of so many brown people?
  50. the industry
    Brett Ratner Wants to Make a Guitar Hero MoviePlus: They’ve found the perfect director for ‘Voltron’! It’s some dude who directed ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’!
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