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    How Does Siri Actually Know What I’m Saying?A simple guide to how voice assistants process speech, and how they know you’re talking to them.
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    Gimlet’s New Show Is About the Human Side of AIKristen Wiig and Alia Shawkat star in a new fiction podcast that explores the humor and terror of voice assistants.
  3. podcast review
    Sandra Is a Tech Thriller for the Age of Siri and AlexaBut as a podcast, it’s jarringly incomplete.
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    Should You Hire a Pro to Smarten Your Home?Please don’t electrocute yourself. It’s so much easier than you’re making it. There are people trained to do these things.
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    The Smart Appliances That Actually Make My Kitchen BetterFrom voice-activated trash cans to Alexa-enabled coffee makers.
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    Why Do My Exes Hate My Echo So Much?All of my exes hated how I talked to my Echo Dot. An investigation into why.
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    A Paranoid Guide to Smart-Speaker PrivacyThe demon boxes cater to your every need! How much should you trust them?
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    Alexa, Where Am I? Welcome to Home, Smart HomeWelcome to a new pop-up blog about smart homes and the people who build, develop, want, live in, and are fascinated by them.
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    The Smart-Home Future Is Already HereBill Gates maybe spent too much on his geek dream 20 years ago.
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    Apple’s HomePod Struggles to Find a HomeUsers just aren’t drawn to the premium device.
  11. Vulture’s 60-Second News Hour Is Now the Second-Best Use for AlexaNothing’s touching “Weather.”
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    Do I Need a Smart Doorbell?The latest craze in smart-home security, explained.
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    Is Never Walking to Tweak a Thermostat Worth $300?Nest has announced a new temperature sensor system to work with its smart thermostats.
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    Your Alexa Might Be Working With the PolicePolice in England have been testing ways to use Amazon Echo in crime reporting.
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    Like Everyone Else, Amazon’s Alexa Is Laughing at YouUsers don’t know why the devices are activating on their own.
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    Two Select All Editors Try to Decide: Is the HomePod Worth $350?Two Select All editors try to decide.
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    How to Use Spotify on a HomePodIf you’ve got a particular playlist in Spotify you want to play on your HomePod, here’s how.
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    Should You Get an Apple HomePod?The questions to ask yourself before getting Apple’s new smart speaker.
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    What Reviewers Are Saying About the Apple HomePodGreat sound, but Siri falls short — and it’s for dedicated Apple fans only.
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    Tennessee Man Very Concerned His Google Home Doesn’t Know Who Jesus IsA Google Home will tell you about Satan, but not Jesus Christ.
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    This Is What Apple’s HomePod Sounds LikeAn evening listening to Apple’s upcoming smart speaker.
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    Apple’s Long-Delayed HomePod Will Likely Hit Shelves Before SpringBut is the world still listening?
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    Facebook Is Hoping You’ll Drop $500 on Its Smart-Home DeviceThe Facebook Portal is reportedly capable of identifying faces using its camera.
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    Google Home Max Review: A Big, Booming Smart SpeakerThe best-sounding smart speaker on the market is here.
  25. gifts under $50
    These $15 Plugs Turn Any Home Into a Smart HouseAnything you stick in them can be controlled from your phone.
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    Apple’s HomePod Delayed Until 2018Oh my pod.
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    How to Have a High-tech ThanksgivingFrom sous vide to smart scales, our comprehensive guide will help you bring your Turkey Day traditions into the 21st century.
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    Looking to Dip Your Toe in the Alexa Pool? The Echo Dot Is on Sale Right NowPlease come join us in the future.
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    Amazon Wants You to Wirelessly Unlock Your House to Let in Delivery PeopleThe new service is called Amazon Key and would allow for package deliveries while you’re out and about.
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    Here Comes a New Google Home … With a Screen?Google source code suggests a speaker with a screen may be coming soon.
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    Amazon’s New Echo Is a Tableside Alarm Clock With a ScreenAmazon announced roughly seven gazillion new Echoes today.
  32. trolls
    Last Night’s South Park Commanded People’s Amazon Echos to Say NSFW LinesAlexa, mute everything!
  33. curious developments
    Is Amazon Just Using Whole Foods to Unload Outdated Echos?The device is suddenly no longer for sale online.
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    Kill Time Waiting for the New Game of Thrones With These Alexa Easter EggsHey Alexa … is winter coming?
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    Alexa, Give My Data Over to DevelopersAmazon is considering allowing third-party app developers access to your voice queries to Alexa.
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    This Is the Lowest Price Yet for the Google HomeGoogle offers some discounts for those who want to stay out of Amazon’s ecosystem.
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    For Today Only, You Can Grab an Amazon Echo for Just $90Get ‘em while they last.
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    What Reviewers Are Saying About Amazon’s New Echo With a ScreenGreat interface, plain design, and an extremely creepy video-chat feature.
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    Amazon Echo’s Alexa Jones Tells You the Truths They Don’t Want You to HearTired of the dulcet tones of Alexa? Try out the screams of a very, very angry conspiracy theorist from Texas.
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    The Smart-Speaker Wars Are About to BeginThe world’s four most valuable companies all want to get a smart speaker in your home.
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    The Amazon Echo Is $40 Off for Prime MembersIf you’ve been curious about the Echo, now’s a good time to grab one.
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    The Lighthouse AI Home Camera Is Very Cool and Kinda CreepyI can’t tell whether to be impressed or worried about how smart this home camera system is.
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    Microsoft Gets Serious About the Smart-Speaker GameThe smart-home-speaker market is starting to get very crowded.
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    Amazon’s New Alexa Device, the Echo Show, Comes With a ScreenAmazon’s newest gizmo pushes video chat heavily.
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    God Help Me, I Want This Futuristic $200 Alexa Ring LampIt’s available for preorder now, and starts shipping in September.
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    Will Apple Unveil Its Version of Amazon’s Echo in June?Siri, imitate Alexa.
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    Why Do I Hate Talking to My Phone?What’s the reason I loathe talking to Siri, but chatter away happily to Alexa?
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    Google Home Just Got a Lot More Useful for Actual HomesYour Google Home speaker will now support multiple users — and can recognize you just by the sound of your voice.
  49. the chain gang
    Why Wikipedia’s Editors Are Demanding an Apology From Burger KingEditors say the chain violated rules by inserting ad copy for its Google Home stunt.
  50. evil ideas
    Burger King’s Google-Hack Ad Was a Whopper of a FailureIt lasted mere hours before the tech giant shut things down.
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