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    Thinking About Getting an Apple Watch? The Series 1 Is $70 Off Right NowThe Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of technology, and right now it’s 25 percent off.
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    A Smartwatch With Actual StyleIt won’t look dated when the next model drops.
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    Warning: Don’t Give Your Kid a Child’s SmartwatchWho would have guessed smartwatches for kids was a bad idea?
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    This $17 Smartwatch Sends Something to China, But Who Knows What, So: Your CallSeems shady.
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    Soon You Can Pay for Things With Your Swatch“Pay by the wrist.”
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    The Apple Watch Made a Paris Fashion Week Appearance Anna Wintour got to try it on. 
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    The Fashion World Reacts to Apple WatchWhat designers and editors think. 
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    Does Anyone Outside Silicon Valley Even Want a Smartwatch?Nearly every big tech company is betting on them in unison.