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Smash Mouth

  1. hate mail
    Smash Mouth Receives Hate Mail After Crowded Pandemic ConcertAlong with a smashed Smash Mouth CD.
  2. social distancing
    Oh Great, a Giant, Maskless Smash Mouth ConcertOver the weekend, thousands of people gathered at a biker festival in South Dakota with no social-distancing measures in place.
  3. concerts
    Packed Crowd Turns Up for Smash Mouth Concert Despite the Coronavirus PandemicHey now.
  4. where's the beef?
    Smash Mouth and Smashing Pumpkins Have Beef Now and You Have to ChooseAre you a rat in a cage or walkin’ on the sun?
  5. select all
    There Is a New Neil Cicierega Mixtape, Mouth Moods, and It RulesAfter a long wait, the third installment in the Mouth mixtape series.
  6. select all
    The Most Terrifying Sound Is Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ But Every Note Is CThis is a musical nightmare.
  7. This YouTuber Fused Smash Mouth With Pop Hits and Created Internet GoldSmash Mouth gets the second life it didn’t deserve.
  8. twitter beef
    The Oakland A’s Apologize for Smash Mouth FeudTrue all-star behavior.
  9. all stars
    Smash Mouth Weighs in on 50 Cent Meek Mill Feud Hey now, you’re an American icon, get your game on, go play.
  10. last night on late night
    Ferrell Channels Smash Mouth to Reinvent XmasHey now, Merry Christmas.
  11. freak-outs
    Smash Mouth Singer Hates Bread, Cusses Out CrowdThings got real at Taste of Fort Collins in Colorado this weekend.
  12. so what's wrong with taking the back streets?
    The Best Songs for Repelling Creeps Not Smash Mouth’s 1999 monster hit “All Star,” evidently. 
  13. cameos
    10 Awesomely Random Band Cameos in MoviesSmash Mouth in Rat Race, Madonna in Vision Quest, and more!
  14. Wasabi Funk
    Guy Fieri’s Favorite Band Is Called Sophistafunk, NaturallyFreebird!