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  1. Americans Smile Much More Than People in Other Countries — Here’s Why▶️ Turns out, smiling isn’t universal.
  2. Learn Something New About Evolution by Watching These Baby Monkeys SmileAn adorable way of understanding where our own facial expressions came from.
  3. The City Most Likely to Fake Happiness on InstagramOkay, everyone, smile. Smile like you don’t hate each other.
  4. office politics
    Science: Fake Smiling at the Office Actually Makes You MiserableThis explains everything.
  5. photo op
    Mary-Kate Surprises Us With Her TeethAt the premiere of her movie ‘The Wackness,’ Mark-Kate Olsen gave a rare, real smile. And we died.
  6. intel
    Step It Up and Kick: The Rockette AuditionsWe talked to five Rockette hopefuls as they waited to audition. They looked smiley to us!
  7. photo op
    What a Nice Day It Is!Isn’t it nice? Aren’t you happy? And it’s almost the weekend!