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  1. investigations
    Why Am I So Soothed by Photos of the Olsen Twins Smoking?“It’s like visual ASMR, a metronome.”
  2. influencers
    Consider This Cigarette-Smoking CockroachA list of potential headlines about NYC’s filthy new mascot.
  3. health
    Just How Dangerous Is Vaping?Three Americans have died from vaping-related illnesses so far.
  4. health
    Here’s Yet Another Vaping Horror StoryThis time, a healthy 20-year-old buys new vape juice, and his lungs fail.
  5. thank you for not smoking
    Netflix Promises Fewer Depictions of Smoking After Stranger Things BlowbackThe streaming platform says original programming with a rating of TV-14 or lower will feature less cigarette and e-cigarette use.
  6. vape life
    Juul Is Under Investigation for Its Teen-Focused MarketingThe company says its product isn’t for kids, but kids sure do like it.
  7. rebels without a cause
    Here’s How the Met Gala Stopped Celebs From Smoking This YearBut did anyone Juul?
  8. last night on late night
    Sean Penn, Puffing Cigs on Colbert, Complains About All the #Content*Deep inhale*
  9. wow
    Chill Guy Owen Wilson Reportedly Caused Highly Unchill Hotel EvacuationThe party foul was apparently caused by him smoking a cigarette indoors.
  10. Official Leading Anti-Smoking Push Resigns After Buying Tobacco StockCDC head Brenda Fitzgerald bought stock in a cigarette company after starting a job in which she’s supposed to fight smoking.
  11. Three Healthy Behaviors Linked With a Longer LifeA new, complicated study on lifestyle and longevity.
  12. NYC Health Department Blasts Celebs for Smoking at the Met GalaThe fallout continues.
  13. rebels without a cause
    Museum Donors Are Pissed Celebs Were Smoking in the Met Gala Bathrooms“I would honestly like to see these people fined by the city.”
  14. public health
    Australia Is Figuring Out How to Get People to Quit SmokingIt’s all in the packaging.
  15. Here’s How Secondhand Smoke May Increase a Woman’s Risk of MiscarriageAccording to a new study.
  16. addictions
    I Quit Smoking and I’ve Never Felt LonelierAn illustrated story.
  17. today in teens
    Teens Now Associate ‘Smoking’ With Marijuana, Not CigarettesSomeone call Merriam-Webster.
  18. party chat
    Annette Bening Sure Missed Real Cigarettes“It’s like sitting in front of a fireplace.”
  19. health
    What Scientists Are Learning From a Chain-Smoking RobotIt could be an important breakthrough for better understanding what tobacco does to the human respiratory system.
  20. am i dying
    Why Are My Hands Always Freezing?What your frigid fingers could mean.
  21. Magic Mushrooms Might Be a Great Way to Quit SmokingAccording to a small and promising study.
  22. A public service announcement
    Malia Obama’s Shirt at the Made in America Festival Doubled As a PSA on SmokingIt looked like she made the shirt herself.
  23. pictures of health
    A Miserable Gallery of Ben Affleck Smoking Through the Pain of ExistenceBen Affleck loves to smoke and hates the thought of existing in his own body for the rest of his time on earth.
  24. hot shot
    Bella Hadid Smokes a Cigarette, Ponders the Meaning of ExistenceWhat’s going on in Bella’s head?
  25. unwifeable
    The Benefits of Marrying a Fellow AddictSometimes the only way to quit is to talk to someone who actually has.
  26. Manhattan Co-op Ordered to Pay $120,000 to a Woman Affected by Secondhand Smoke“Livable conditions” is starting to mean carcinogenic-toxin-free.
  27. Why This Silly Cat Video Could Help Curb Youth SmokingAn ad from last week’s Grammys has all the right elements.
  28. altered states
    Boring Teens Not That Into Booze and CigarettesWhat are you even doing with your lives? Oh, right, Snapchat.
  29. advice
    I’m a Smoker. How Can I Save My Skin? Aside from quitting, I mean.
  30. Smoke-Filled Room
    Denver May Let People Smoke Pot at Restaurants and BarsThe city is working on the nation’s first “pot club ordinance.”
  31. parenting
    More Evidence That You Shouldn’t Smoke Around Your KidA big new study shows how smoking habits get transmitted from parents to kids — mostly from moms to daughters.
  32. swaps
    College Kids Now Prefer ‘Funny’ CigarettesStudents are smoking more pot, less tobacco.
  33. new music
    Listen to Carrie Underwood’s New Song“When things get tough, sometimes I need a smoke break.”
  34. smoking
    Smoking Is Making a Comeback in NYCAs city spending on anti-smoking efforts has declined.
  35. its vintage
    What Lighters Looked Like When Smoking Was FancyThe Denver Art Museum’s new Cartier retrospective pays tribute to “The Art of Smoking.”
  36. smoking
    Rotten-Fish Smell Helps Smokers Crave Fewer CigarettesGross. 
  37. Before Getting High, You Must First Learn How to Get HighUnderstanding the social constructs of using marijuana.
  38. Are E-Cigarettes Making Smoking Seem Less Gross?Vaping is making smoking seem cleaner, undoing a lot of the antismoking movement’s work.
  39. Susan Sarandon Says She Was Stoned at Most Major Hollywood EventsExcept the Oscars.
  40. caught on tape
    Obama Caught Joking ‘I’m Scared of My Wife’Even worse, he’s lying about his smoking habit.
  41. Where There's Smoke...
    NYC Restaurant Owners Not Sure What to Make of E-CigsDoes smoking an e-cigarette count as actual smoking? Restaurants aren’t sure.
  42. Casino Boogie
    Revel’s Bankruptcy Strategy: Cheap Restaurants and No More Smoking BanWhen faced with bankruptcy, the troubled casino adopts a smoke-’em-if-you-got-’em policy.
  43. This Is How a Juggler Lights a CigaretteIt’s magic!
  44. Beef
    Racquet Club Gives Vespers the BootVesper Club members are now free to blow smoke wherever they want.
  45. Beef
    Vesper Club In a Huff Over Racquet Club’s Ban on SmokingUrging members to quit smoking might help the club survive, too.
  46. smoking
    High Cigarette Prices in New York Mostly Just Hurt the PoorA new study found that they spend almost a quarter of their income on cigarettes.
  47. too far
    Man Illustrates Dangers of Cigarettes by Pointing Gun at Pregnant SmokerA frightening pamphlet would have sufficed.
  48. smokin'!
    City Wins Battle in War on Cheap CigarettesRoll-your-own shop Island Smokes to close.
  49. cue outrage
    Miley Cyrus Really Does Smoke a Lot of Weed“You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake.”
  50. smokin'!
    The City’s War on Cheap Cigarettes ContinuesA “roll your own” shop is facing a lawsuit.
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