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    Snapchat’s Secret Internal Numbers Confirm What You Were Probably ThinkingSnapchat’s map feature isn’t really all that popular, after all.
  2. selfie awareness
    Melania Trump Shares First Selfie In a YearFLOTUS found joy in a holiday filter.
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    Here’s the Newly Redesigned SnapchatSee what your friends are up to and never engage with brands again.
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    Snapchat Filters Can Now Tell Your Real Dog From a Hot DogFind the nearest dog and see for yourself.
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    You Can Tell Snapchat Is in Trouble Because It’s Redesigning for Old PeopleCould an app overhaul dig the company out of its slump?
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    No, Snapchat Is Not Shutting Down Next WeekThis week in viral internet hoaxes.
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    Did Your Teen Survive the Great Snapchat Outage of 2017?You should probably check just to make sure.
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    Crisis in Tech Industry: Not Even Snapchat Knows What a Burger IsDoes anyone in the tech industry know how to make a burger? An investigation.
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    Burn Your Friends Using a Custom Snapchat FilterThere are worse ways to spend $10.
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    Snapchat Wants You to Never Close the AppA new feature means you can use Lyft, Uber, OpenTable, and Foursquare without ever leaving Snapchat.
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    Snapchat May Soon Generate Bitmoji Using Facial RecognitionThe new feature is hinted at in a recent patent application.
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    What’s Snapchat Doing With Jeff Koons?A new site suggests the app and the artist are collaborating.
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    Should Your Doctor Be Allowed to Snapchat During Your Butt Lift?A new study argues against using social media in the operating room.
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    You Can’t Sneakily Screen-Record Snaps, But You Can Capture Instagram DMs‘Gram safely, folks.
  15. Check Out a Compilation of Gil Ozeri’s Best Snapchat VideosGil Ozeri has long been considered one of the funniest comedians to follow on Snapchat, but in case you haven’t checked it out yet – or you’d […]
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    Why Do My Boobs Look So Bizarre in Snapchat’s 3-D Bitmoji?Snapchat’s new Bitmoji AR filters are great. Except when it comes to breasts.
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    Snapchat’s Next Dancing Hot Dog Is Your Bitmoji in Augmented RealityIf you thought your mom loved Bitmoji when they were two-dimensional, wait till she sees them in AR.
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    Google Reportedly Building Its Own Snapchat CompetitorIt’s called Stamp.
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    The ‘Story’ Format Is Here to Stay, on Snapchat or Off of ItToday is the one-year anniversary of Instagram totally ripping off Snapchat and introducing a Stories feature.
  20. cries for help
    Nicki Minaj Needs Your HelpThe singer can’t figure out Snapchat.
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    No, Telling a Cop You Were Speeding ‘for Snapchat’ Won’t Get You Out of a TicketPerhaps try literally anything else …
  22. After Marrying Miranda Kerr, Evan Spiegel Is on a ‘Post-Wedding Bro Trip’?Disrupting the honeymoon space.
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    Snapchat Goes All In on TV With Daily News Show From NBCThe show is called Stay Tuned and episodes will be less than four minutes long.
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    Snapchat Has a New, Sneaky Way to Record Long Snap VideosA game changer for taking snaps at just the right moment.
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    Let’s Talk About the Break-Dancing Snapchat Hot DogSnapchat’s greatest innovation since the puppy filter.
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    Instagram Gives Up, Goes Full-on Snapchat With Latest UpdateWow! Sending and receiving video and photo messages that disappear? How original!
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    Snapchat Introduces New Features Coming Soon to a Facebook Product Near YouNow you can use voice filters on everything.
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    You Can Now Make Snapchat Filters Using Just Your PhoneNo more Photoshop. No more desktop.
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    Racist Snapchats Highlight What It’s Like to Fly While ‘Appearing Muslim’A teen passenger on the plane took pictures of an older man wearing a turban while he was sleeping on the flight.
  30. celebrity babies
    Kim Kardashian West’s Photo of Saint Is Extremely CuteFacebook users have opinions on how Kim uses a car seat, though.
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    The Best Places to Travel on Snapchat’s New MapSnapchat’s newest feature comes with a heat map that highlights popular snapping destinations.
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    New Snapchat Map Feature Lets You See Where Your Friends AreThe map feature can tell what you’re doing, like driving in a car or wearing headphones.
  33. crime
    Here’s How the Woman Who Was Body-Shamed by a Model on Snapchat Is DoingLos Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says this entire experience has been “humiliating.”
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    If Snapchat and Slack Had a Kid It Would Probably Look Like the New Skype UpdateThe “new generation of Skype” looks surprisingly similar to every other popular social-media app on the market.
  35. not so model behavior
    The Model Who Body-Shamed a Nude Woman on Snapchat Gave Her First InterviewDani Mathers says she “never meant to hurt” the other woman involved.
  36. Looks Like Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel Will Finally Get to BangThe pair is reportedly getting married this weekend.
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    Evan Spiegel’s Hatred of Growth Hacking Is GoodJuking the stats often backfires.
  38. not so model behavior
    Model Who Body-Shamed a Woman in Her Gym Locker Room Receives 3 Years’ ProbationPlayboy model Dani Mathers pleaded no contest to invasion of privacy charges.
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    Snapchat’s New Custom-Stories Feature Seems … GoodNow you and your friends can all contribute to the same story.
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    Instagram Completes Transformation Into Snapchat by Introducing ‘Face Filters’A flower crown. How novel!
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    Snapchat Lost $2.2 Billion Last QuarterUser growth has also slowed down.
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    Snapchat’s New Features Ruin What Was Good About Snapchat in the First PlaceThe more editing tools the app adds, the less it feels like Snapchat.
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    Snapchat Is Killing Its Infamous Time LimitUsers can now send limitless snaps and looping videos.
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    Snapchat Blurs the Line Between Past and PresentIt’s getting more difficult to tell what is and isn’t prerecorded.
  45. oops
    Serena Williams’s Pregnancy Announcement Was Completely UnintentionalNot that she regrets it.
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    Snapchat Spends $7.7 Million on Protection From FacebookA lot of money to protect itself from Facebook.
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    Facebook Thinks Augmented Reality Is Its Future. Sorry, Snapchat.If Snapchat wants to be the Apple of augmented reality, Facebook is more than happy to be its Microsoft.
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    Snapchat Rolls Out Augmented-Reality ‘World Lenses’ for Rear CameraWe give it three months before Facebook rips off the idea.
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    Is Facebook a Monopoly? Just Ask SnapchatInstagram’s Stories are now more popular than the app it ripped off.
  50. the chain gang
    You Can Now Apply to Work at McDonald’s Via SnapchatIn Australia, social media is the new résumé, it seems.
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