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Snapchats Are Forever

  1. snapchats are forever
    Demi Lovato Is Sorry for Laughing About Zika on SnapchatProbs not the best move.
  2. snapchats are forever
    Here’s a Clearer Look at Jared Leto’s JokerThanks, Snapchat.
  3. snapchats are forever
    Alert, Adults: College Kids Don’t Use Snapchat for SextingMostly it’s for “creativity.” 
  4. snapchats are forever
    Update: Taylor Swift Not Dating Snapchat CEOJust being super Zeitgeist-y about her BF choices?
  5. silly bans
    British Boarding School Eton Has a Major Snapchat ProblemBanned from the Wi-Fi networks.
  6. snapchats are forever
    Snapchat Maybe Not Safe Enough to Trust With Naked SelfiesThe app was hacked.
  7. 70 Percent of Snapchat’s Users Are WomenSnaps to that. 
  8. snapchats are forever
    Apple Turns Snapchat Into a Privacy NightmareScreenshots galore! Uh-oh.