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  1. snl promos
    Nick Jonas Is Not Into Bowen Yang and Ego Nwodim’s New Single in the SNL PromoBut “You Idiot” sounds like a bop to us.
  2. legends only
    Alex Trebek Told Kenan Thompson He Loved ‘Black Jeopardy’“He was patting me on the back about that.”
  3. last night on late night
    Andy Samberg Texted Colin Jost for a Dick Pic During Seth Meyers Interview“Full disclosure, on peyote right now. Don’t be mad.”
  4. adults playing teens
    Nasim Pedrad Is an Awkward Little Teen Boy in the Trailer for Chad“Now get on your jammies, put on a better attitude, and let’s spend some quality time together.”
  5. make it happen
    Martha Stewart Still ‘Pissed’ Her Probation Officer Wouldn’t Let Her Host SNL“I’d like that on my résumé.”
  6. snl
    Heidi Gardner Has Never Looked Less Like Freddy Krueger Than on Weekend Update“I’m part of kids’ dreams!”
  7. snl
    Bridgerton’s Intimacy Coordinators Could’ve Prepped Better on SNLWashing the dong bags and beav sleeves ahead of time is like Intimacy Coordinating 101, people.
  8. snl
    Ego Nwodim Is ‘Loco’ and Bad Bunny’s a Houseplant in This SNL Music Video“I’ve gone so crazy, I understood Tenet. Like, the whole thing. I didn’t even have one question.”
  9. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Regé-Jean Page, Gladly Seducing AmericaThe Bridgerton hottie is charmingly game and gets plenty of room to play within an ensemble-centric episode.
  10. snl
    Regé-Jean Page and His Bros Cry to ‘Drivers License’ on SNLJoshua Bassett has seen the sketch now too and he has … feelings.
  11. snl
    Regé-Jean Page Slows Things Down in SNL Monologue“I assure you, I’m just a regular guy.”
  12. snl
    Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz Has Vacation Braids, No Shame in SNL Cold Open“I’m pretty bad at human stuff.”
  13. snl
    Nick Jonas Will Double As Host and Musical Guest on SNL Next WeekHe’s pulling a Harry Styles.
  14. snl
    Regé-Jean Page Considers Changing His Name in SNL Promo With Bad BunnyIt’s Regé-Jean Bunny now, got it?
  15. therano more
    Kate McKinnon Drops Out of The Drop Out Hulu Series About Elizabeth HolmesShe’s still set to play Carole Baskin though.
  16. snl
    SNL’s Peletaunt Will Get You Slobs Into Shape With Ceaseless CriticismJust because you paid $2,000 for the bike doesn’t mean you’ll actually use it. And what does that say about you?
  17. snl
    Saturday Night Live Will Have You Questioning Your Booze-Related Home DecorIt’s wine o’clock somewhere, but should it be?
  18. cut for time
    Kyle ‘Cut for Time’ Mooney Is Back, Baby, With Another Cut SNL Sketch“What do you say we cue that rock music?”
  19. snl
    Kate McKinnon Is a Child-Eating QAnon Witch on Weekend Update“I’m starting to feel like maybe the whole thing is a little cuckoo banane.”
  20. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Regina King Is Horny for CornyWhether she’s going big or grounding the comedic absurdity of others, King gets ample opportunity to show off her incredible combination of talents.
  21. snl
    Regina King on SNL Wants Compensation for the Gorilla Glue Girl“We know it’s going to be hard taking a gorilla to court and suing him over his glue.”
  22. snl
    Get Hyped for Regina King’s First SNL Monologue“Y’all better make some noise for that last joke.”
  23. snl
    Trump’s Acquittal Is the First Order of Business in SNL Cold Open“It’s a great day for 30 percent of America.”
  24. snl
    Regé-Jean Page to Host Steamiest SNL of All Time Next WeekWith musical guest Bad Bunny!
  25. extremely online
    YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams, a.k.a. TwinsthenewTrend, Loved Their SNL SketchThey really couldn’t get enough of “that dude from Good Burger.”
  26. last night on late night
    Replace 33 Percent of the RHOSLC Cast With Vanessa BayerShe re-created the free tequila fight between Whitney and Lisa.
  27. snl
    Hot Damn! SNL Did the Football Song We Definitely All Know and Love“So we run, and we love, and we kiss, and we block, hot damn!”
  28. gru
    SNL’s Live Action Gru Isn’t Real and He Can’t Hurt YouMeet Thoby, and meet Thoby’s ex-best friend.
  29. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Dan Levy Scores a Football HoleLevy seems unfazed and at home in an SNL debut that lets him stretch his comedic muscles beyond the confines of David Rose.
  30. snl
    Phoebe Bridgers, Rock God, Smashed Her Guitar on SNL Last NightSparks flew.
  31. snl
    Home Ownership Is Better Than Sex in SNL Zillow AdBut we all already know this.
  32. snl
    Eugene Levy Is Trapped in a Box in Dan Levy’s SNL Monologue“Could one of you turn me towards the stage?”
  33. snl
    This Year’s Super Bowl Has Something for Everyone in SNL Cold Open“We’re going to pass it, then we’re going to run it, and when they have the ball, we’re gonna stop it.”
  34. snl
    Phoebe Bridgers Refuses to Write Dan Levy a Song in SNL Promo With Aidy BryantBut Aidy will.
  35. two friends
    Dean Edwards and Godfrey Agree: Dan Aykroyd Is the Nicest Guy“Aykroyd is dope.”
  36. sure fran
    Fran Lebowitz Does Not Want to Watch That SNL Sketch “I don’t have any curiosity to see this.”
  37. last night on late night
    SNL Reveals Where the MyPillow Guy Gets All His Amazing IdeasThey’re, uh, from his pillow.
  38. snl
    SNL Bravest Topical Sketch Is This Attack on the Subway Protein BowlIt’s basically “what if the Oh, Hello guys went corporate?”
  39. snl
    Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson Fell Off the Stage on SNL Last NightThese knuckleheads.
  40. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: John Krasinski Is a Bowl of Warm Chicken SoupBy doing exactly what’s expected of him, the first-time host anchors an affable, if unremarkable, return episode.
  41. snl
    Bowen Yang As Fran Lebowitz Is As New York As Machetes on the Subway“I love it. It’s the worst. It’s disgusting. I’ll never move.”
  42. snl
    Come and Play With Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day’s Creepy SNL Twins“Maybe they’re homeschooled or something?”
  43. snl
    Kate McKinnon Confirms Nothing Still Works in SNL Cold OpenWith help from Cecily Strong’s Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  44. snl
    John Krasinski Smooches Pete Davidson in SNL Monologue“Jim, you look different.”
  45. snl
    John Krasinski, Dan Levy, and Regina King to Host SNLMachine Gun Kelly, Phoebe Bridgers, and Nathaniel Rateliff will be musical guests.
  46. snl
    The One Thing All Great SNL Political Impressions NeedThe show’s take on Joe Biden won’t be funny until it makes an argument.
  47. good one podcast
    If You Were Katy Perry, You’d Demand to Kiss Bobby Moynihan TooThe SNL alum joins this week’s Good One to reflect on his favorite memories from the show.
  48. last night on late night
    Bill Hader Says Stefon Probably Caught COVID ‘a Couple of Times’ by Now“I think he was probably, you know, patient zero on some level.”
  49. tributes
    Watch Adam Sandler Sing a Song About Steve Buscemi to Steve BuscemiAnd it’s beautiful.
  50. snl
    Just Steven Yeun Gushing About Bowen YangHeartthrobs on heartthrobs.
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