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  1. coziness
    Rude Court Says a Snuggie Is a Blanket, Not ClothingA Snuggie is whatever you want it to be.
  2. look of the day
    Rihanna Took a Walk in a SnuggieThe ultimate power play.
  3. call now for a free gift
    New York Helps People Scammed by SnuggiesIf you accidentally bought six Perfect Brownie Pans, the government is here to help. 
  4. year in culture 2012
    The Year in Culture: 2012 in Viral VideosWatch these, maybe?
  5. beyonce
    Watch a Side-by-Side Comparison of Snuggie Kid and BeyoncéWatch your back, Ratner.
  6. beyonce
    Watch an Epic, Snuggie-Happy Cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’Note to Beyoncé: Do this.
  7. loose threads
    Prabal Gurung’s Sephora Uniforms Debut; Nicole Miller Used in Kennedy Cover-up?Plus, that crystal-covered Dolce & Gabbana corset booked another February Vogue cover.
  8. Deals
    High Offers Free Drink In Exchange For Your DignitySimply wear a Snuggie and your first one is free this week.
  9. clickables
    Watch the Bizarre Commercial That Unites the Snuggie With the MacarenaSpeechless.
  10. music
    Snuggie Turns to Modern Hit Song ‘Macarena’ for InspirationEveryone’s favorite blanket with sleeves harnesses the power of popular music.
  11. Foodievents
    Don A Snuggie and Drink Cheap in O.C.There will be a Snuggie pub crawl next month in Orange County.
  12. Merchandising
    There Is a White Castle Snuggie and It Is $49.99Plus, free sliders!
  13. blanket chic
    Snuggie Shows In-your-face Prints for Spring 2010Blankets with sleeves have never been so sexy.
  14. gross things
    There Is Something Called the Snuggie SutraWell, this is appalling.
  15. blanket chic
    Snuggie to Hold Sexy Fashion Show During Fashion WeekDogs will walk the runway with people.
  16. party lines
    Slanket Inventor: There’s a Good Reason You Can’t Do a Pub Crawl in My ProductGary Clegg talks to us about why it’s not a bad thing hipsters are taking the rival Snuggie to bars.
  17. puppies!!!!!!
    Introducing the SnoggieThe Snuggie for dogs arriveth. What else can we put in it?
  18. summer or bust
    The Wearable Towel: Summer’s Snuggie?If we’re wearing blankets in the winter, we may as well wear towels in the summer.
  19. Stunts
    Snugly MofosThe Snuggie bar crawl went down this Saturday and Tim Murphy was there to, er, cover it.
  20. snuggies
    Snuggie Saturday in ManhattanWhat you missed by not wearing a blanket with sleeves in 75 degree weather on Saturday.
  21. neighborhood news
    Ray Kelly Wants to Put the Whole City in a SnuggiePolice Commissioner Ray Kelly wants to wrap Manhattan up in a giant security system.
  22. wtf
    The Snuggie Is Not an Item of ApparelNonetheless, people have taken to wearing it out of doors, which is rather gross.
  23. mysteries
    Double Snugg-ingWhy is the ‘Times’ so hot for the Snuggie all of a sudden?
  24. Foodievents
    Snuggie CrawlYes, it’s exactly what you think it is.
  25. cape town
    You Can Stop the Snuggie MadnessThere are alternatives to the Snuggie. You know, like capes.