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  1. stadiums
    The 2026 World Cup Final Is Coming to ‘New York’Well, technically, it’s New Jersey, where the metro region’s only suitable soccer stadium is located.
  2. pitch notes
    Wrexham’s Next GoalWith its recently confirmed third season, the docuseries is looking at a golden opportunity.
  3. movie review
    Is Taika Waititi Even Trying Anymore?The New Zealand filmmaker’s new film, Next Goal Wins, is so sloppily made that it might make you wonder why he even bothered.
  4. celebrity
    Untangling Ashlyn Harris’s Divorce DramaThe soccer player addressed rumors that she cheated on Ali Krieger with Sophia Bush.
  5. trendspotting
    A Non-Footy Fan’s Guide to Wearing Soccer JerseysStylistically speaking, everyone’s a soccer fan now. Here’s how to get in on the trend.
  6. sports
    Soccer’s Battle of the BrandsWhen Wrexham took on Manchester United this week, it was a clash between the past and future of corporate sports identity.
  7. the group portrait
    U.S. Women’s Soccer Fans Are Having a Moment“I’m overstimulated.”
  8. sensations
    America Has Never Seen a Spectacle Like MessiIf he stays in Miami long enough, he could supercharge a sport that’s already having its moment.
  9. games
    Messi to Miami Shows That Major League Soccer Has ArrivedYes, the Argentine megastar will get paid handsomely, but there’s more to his decision than that.
  10. met gala 2023
    Is This Why Blake Lively Missed the Met Gala?The actress is reportedly in Wrexham celebrating her husband’s soccer team’s big victory.
  11. chat room
    Ted Lasso’s Maximilian Osinski Sees Zava As the Tom Cruise of Soccer“I wanted to bring that level of confusion to the audience and to the players.”
  12. how i get it done
    How Pro Footballer Ali Krieger Gets It DoneThe two-time World Cup champion is retiring at the end of this season, but being a mom to two kids under 2 is its own extreme sport.
  13. chat room
    James Lance Talked His Way Into More Ted LassoA three-minute conversation with Jason Sudeikis “changed the course” of his career.
  14. sports
    The Unlikely British Superfans of American SoccerMLS, once a laughingstock, has gained ardent followers in a surprising place.
  15. world cup
    The Best World Cup Final Ever?Wow, what a game.
  16. games
    The Last World CupAfter Qatar, soccer may never be the same again.
  17. games
    Fox Sports Still Sucks at This, and Other World Cup TakeawaysWhat we learned from a riveting and dispiriting tournament.
  18. sports
    Grant Wahl Died From Aortic Aneurysm, Autopsy ShowsThe acclaimed soccer writer collapsed last week while covering the World Cup in Qatar.
  19. world cup
    There’s Nothing More American Than Watching Soccer in SpanishThe time-honored pleasures of tuning in to Telemundo.
  20. world cup
    The Best Team in the World Is Out of the World CupAnother devastating quarterfinals defeat for Brazil.
  21. world cup
    Goalkeepers Gone WildAt the World Cup, netminders are increasingly going on offense. The consequences can be miraculous or disastrous.
  22. games
    The U.S. Team Can Hold Their Heads HighLosing to the Netherlands was deeply frustrating, but the Americans’ best days are ahead of them.
  23. encounter
    Roger Bennett Is U.S. Soccer’s Biggest FanHe may speak with an English accent, but he has distinctly American ingenuity.
  24. world cup
    Pulisic Says He’ll Return From Very Painful-Sounding Injury“Pelvic” and “contusion” are two words you never want to see together.
  25. world cup
    The Five Most Dramatic Subplots Ahead of U.S.-IranAs the geopolitical foes square off in Qatar, there’s a lot hanging in the balance.
  26. games
    The U.S. Just Outplayed England at the World CupThey were the better team in Friday’s scoreless draw — which is amazing.
  27. world cup
    The Biggest World Cup Upset in History?Saudi Arabia beat Argentina on Tuesday, in one of the great soccer shockers of all time.
  28. world cup
    The Wrenching Moral Calculus of Watching the World CupQatar 2022 is rotten to the core, but ignoring the tournament is not realistic.
  29. sports
    Fans Won’t Be Able to Buy Beer at World Cup GamesA last-minute ban on alcohol sales is the latest controversy as the tournament kicks off in Qatar.
  30. 1.5x speed
    Process the World Cup With These PodcastsFor fans of both soccer and murky geopolitics.
  31. games
    Did You Know the World Cup Is in Two Months?The strange timing (and location) of the world’s biggest sporting event will make it a hard sell in America.
  32. vuture sports
    Rob, Ryan, and Relegation: What to Know About Welcome to WrexhamSome helpful notes for enjoying this inconsistent but compelling sports docuseries–slash–vanity project.
  33. get the assist
    The Ted Lasso Service Is Adding Actual Soccer NowApple TV and MLS commit to showing every match for ten years — and making a new streaming channel.
  34. sports
    The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Will Finally Get Fair PayThe U.S. Soccer Federation has agreed to negotiate equal salaries for the men’s and women’s teams.
  35. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What’s Your Favorite Olympic Event?The Tokyo Olympics have been weird but let’s not forget — some of these events have always been weird.
  36. street party
    Bensonhurst Went Berserk Yesterday After Italy’s Football WinPictures from the celebration on 18th Avenue.
  37. it’s business time
    Look at This Little BusinessguyPrince George joined a few other members of the firm in the corporate box for some soccer.
  38. the group portrait
    How One Chinatown Restaurant Created New York’s Most Promising New Soccer TeamAfter every victory, players would come straight back to the new Hokkaido restaurant for a free dinner.
  39. my single is dropping
    Watch Ed Sheeran’s Campy, Vampy Video for ‘Bad Habits’To Sheeran, vampires represented all the self-destruction of a regular bloke like him.
  40. the other football
    Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Are Getting Their Own Ted Lasso-Style SeriesDid you know they bought a football club in Wales?
  41. sports
    England’s Empty Soccer Stadiums Drop Commentators in Hot WaterWithout fans, the famously booming play-by-play calls can now be heard by players and coaches. It can get awkward.
  42. vulture sports
    Watch James Corden’s European Super League Rant Even If Soccer Bores You“They took something so pure and so beautiful and they beat the love and the joy out of it, and they did it for money.”
  43. games
    Why Everyone Is Enraged About the European Super LeagueEurope’s top soccer teams are forming an exclusive new league just for themselves — and even their biggest fans are now in open revolt.
  44. sports
    Soccer star Pele in action during World Cup competition
    The Best Soccer Cleats, According to Coaches and PlayersWhether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, on turf or on slop.
  45. coronavirus
    Most U.S. Sports Leagues Have Suspended Their Seasons Due to CoronavirusThe NHL, MLB, MLS, and NBA are all either suspending or canceling play due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  46. games
    Politics on the Field of PlayAlejandro Bedoya’s activist celebration shows a new way for athletes to be political.
  47. sexual assault
    Cristiano Ronaldo Will Not Face Charges Over Rape AccusationThe allegations “cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” the Clark County District Attorney’s Office announced.
  48. last night on late night
    Kimmel Treats U.S. Soccer Stars to the Full White House Experience: 5,000 NugsNo Trump invite after winning the whole entire World Cup? No problem.
  49. ratings
    Women’s World Cup Soccer Final Scores 14 Million ViewersDespite the early start time for many viewers, the title match delivered big.
  50. vulture sports
    The Best TV of the Week Is the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Crushing EnglandYou need to see this save.
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