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Social Distancing

  1. coronavirus
    An Oral History of a Social-Distancing Birthday PartySee? You can still have fun.
  2. coronavirus
    Watch Trump Practice Terrible Coronavirus Hygiene at Press ConferenceAs he tried to reassure the nation, the president took a blasé attitude toward the kind of personal contact that can spread the disease.
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    Drinking Beer in Bushwick Amid a PandemicGeneration Z’s viral nihilism.
  4. coronavirus
    Your Social Life Is Going on HiatusIf you’re asking for permission, the answer is probably no.
  5. coronavirus
    What Does ‘Social Distancing’ Really Mean?Isolating ourselves to reduce the spread of infection is one of few preventative health measures we have.
  6. vision 2020
    Washington Democrats Vote Amid Coronavirus OutbreakVoting by mail helps reduce the threat of “social distancing” on voting, but the worst may be yet to come.