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  1. addicted to posting
    Advertisers Are Running From X and Elon Musk’s AntisemitismApple, IBM, and several entertainment conglomerates have pulled ads from the platform. Musk is tweeting through it.
  2. torn up and apart
    Witnessing Gaza Through My Instagram FeedEvery morning, I check my feed in the hopes of finding something from Bisan. My stomach tightens with each scroll until she appears.
  3. parenting
    The Final Frontier for Helicopter ParentsInside the Facebook and WhatsApp groups where moms arrange playdates for their college kids.
  4. screen time
    How Meta Is Monetizing the Decline of FacebookHave you heard about WhatsApp’s aggressive new ad strategy?
  5. year in review
    The Year in TikTok DramaHorny ice hockey fans, eyelash imposters, DIY feuds — in 2023, there was always something to fight about online.
  6. power
    The Corporate and Cultural Fallout From the Israel-Hamas WarA running list of firings, cancellations, and doxxings.
  7. power
    When Posting About the Israel-Hamas War Costs You Your Job“We’re going to see a lot of fallout in the coming weeks,” says one employment lawyer.
  8. on with kara swisher
    Navigating the Digital Fog of the Israel-Hamas WarKara Swisher talks with three veterans of the disinformation war about how to tell what’s real and who is behind the viral content that isn’t.
  9. the industry
    Maha Dakhil, CAA, Leaves Leadership Roles After Israel-Hamas War Post“I made a mistake with a repost in my Instagram story, which used hurtful language,” Dakhil said in an apology.
  10. screen time
    Why Wartime Social Media Is Hellish and DisorientingThe Israel-Hamas war shows how platforms like Twitter are moving further downstream from reality.
  11. power
    Oklahoma Judge Ridiculed Prosecutor’s ‘Baby Hands’ Mid-Murder TrialShe’s under review over the 500 inappropriate texts she allegedly sent to the bailiff.
  12. tiktok
    Who Are Lunden and Olivia, and Why Are They Sorry?The TikTok influencer couple has apologized for Lunden’s old racist tweets.
  13. parenting
    Teens Love LinkedInTo some high-schoolers burned out on FOMO and thirst traps, the networking platform is “the way social media should be.”
  14. parenting
    I Asked 65 Teens How They Feel About Being Online“Social media is a necessity. You take it away from us? It’s like, Oh, wow, we have nothing left.”
  15. screen time
    Social Media Drops the ‘Digital Town Square’ RoutineEvery platform used to be for everyone, but those days are gone.
  16. payday
    ‘I Pay My College Tuition by Making TikToks’A beauty influencer breaks down how brand deals are funding her degree.
  17. fall fashion issue 2023
    Dylan Mulvaney’s Girlhood, InterruptedShe never expected to be attacked by the right-wing ghoul squad for just being so delightfully herself. She’s ready to make the most of it.
  18. criminal justice reform
    Prisons and Policing Need to Be Radically Reformed, Not AbolishedInstitutions of law enforcement and criminal detention are necessary. But they shouldn’t look anything like the ones we have now.
  19. danny masterson rape trial
    A (Very Partial) Defense of Ashton Kutcher and Mila KunisIt’s okay to write a leniency letter for a rapist, just not one that implies he’s innocent.
  20. celebrity
    The Making and Marketing of a 9-Year-Old Meme MachineThe legend of Lil Tay, the foul-mouthed preteen who swept Instagram.
  21. the new york it girl
    ‘It’ Girls in Conversation: Anaa Saber, Maria Al-sadek, and FriendsWhat’s the “It”-girl thing to do on a Tuesday night?
  22. gamers
    Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat Sparks Union Square Chaos Over Free PS5’sPolice said the livestreamer will face charges.
  23. mysteries
    Is Meghan Markle Back on Instagram?The handle @meghan is rapidly accruing followers but following no one.
  24. niche drama
    The Smutty Hockey Drama Melting Down BookTokRomance-novel fans pined for Seattle Kraken player Alex Wennberg, who now says their posts crossed the line into sexual harassment.
  25. twitter
    Twitter’s New X Is Officially a Bad SignNeighbors and city building inspectors were not thrilled about Elon Musk’s giant new strobe light atop X-Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.
  26. the internet
    What We’re Really Saying When We Talk About GatekeepingIt’s always been about the most powerful — it’s who has power and what they do with it that has changed.
  27. rip twitter
    Elon Musk Says Twitter’s Logo Will Change to the Letter XUgh.
  28. allegations
    Jonah Hill’s Ex Sarah Brady Shares Screenshots Claiming Emotional AbuseShe shared images of alleged text conversations on Instagram.
  29. fiascos
    Elon Musk Tries Forcing Twitter Users to Use Less TwitterMusk announced reading limits for all Twitter accounts over the weekend, blaming AI but punishing humans who still use Twitter.
  30. say gay rights
    Michael Imperioli ‘Forbids Bigots and Homophobes’ from Watching His Work“Thank you Supreme Court for allowing me to discriminate and exclude those who I don’t agree with.”
  31. small pleasures
    Bluesky Reminds Me of When Social Media Wasn’t TerribleIt’s refreshing to share inane thoughts in an extremely low-stakes atmosphere.
  32. power
    Everything We Know About the Investigation Into Andrew TateThe misogynist influencer will go to trial on charges of rape and human trafficking in Romania.
  33. screen time
    Reddit and the End of Online ‘Community’A standoff between the site and some of its most devoted users exposes an existential dilemma.
  34. the new york it girl
    Today’s ‘It’ Girls in Conversation: Imani Randolph & FriendsWhat do off-duty models chat about at an oyster bar?
  35. extremely online
    Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Don’t Approve of Donald Trump’s Air Fan EditThe duo did not “grant consent” for Trump’s use of the monologue.
  36. the capitol
    How TikTok Beat the Ban (for Now)Earlier this spring, Democrats and Republicans came together to call for a crackdown. It was never going to be that easy.
  37. girl interrupted
    Susanna Kaysen Reflects on Girl, Interrupted Turning 30“There was a way in which, for some people, the hospital could be a refuge or a haven, and I don’t think that’s true anymore.”
  38. just asking questions
    The Grim New Consensus on Social Media and Teen DepressionPsychologist Jean Twenge discusses all the evidence that Instagram and TikTok are making kids miserable.
  39. hardcore parkour
    A$AP Rocky Sorry for Using a Girl’s Face As a Ladder“LOL MY FAULT”
  40. screen time
    Can Bluesky Be Twitter Without Twitter?The buzz over the all-too-familiar new platform is as much about getting out as in.
  41. bye bye
    All the Companies Suspending Their TweetsAs a result of the platform’s uncertainty, post Elon Musk.
  42. screen time
    Twitter Builds a WallElon Musk’s platform will take its cut or die trying.
  43. on with kara swisher
    Brooke Shields on the Sexualization Girls Face on Social MediaKara Swisher talks to the actress about her documentary and how her daughters view what she endured as a young girl in Hollywood.
  44. the media
    Millennials Aren’t Killing ‘Objective’ News — the Market IsThe modern attention economy is an enemy of conscientious reporting and intellectual humility.
  45. twitter
    Who Leaked Twitter’s Source Code?The company reportedly thinks the leak, posted to GitHub under the name “FreeSpeechEnthusiast,” came from one of its many former employees.
  46. politics
    Tate-PilledWhat a generation of boys have found in Andrew Tate’s extreme male gospel.
  47. screen time
    A TikTok Ban Would Make for an Incredibly Strange Day on the InternetWhile it might not be the most probable course of events, it definitely could happen.
  48. extremely online
    Selena Gomez Decides She’s ‘Too Old’ for This TikTok DramaShe has announced a break from social media, so don’t expect more comments on the Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner situation.
  49. teens
    No, Teen Suicide Isn’t Rising Because Life Got Objectively WorseBy some measures, adolescents have never had it better.
  50. screen time
    The Only Success Story in Right-Wing Social MediaWhile Truth Social and Parler and Gettr have all become punchlines, Rumble has built the beginnings of a real business. How?
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