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  1. cool pope yeah right
    Pope Francis Believes God Thought the Internet Was a Good IdeaAnd on the seventh day He created the internet.
  2. Conan Is Close to Dominating LinkedIn; Doesn’t Know What LinkedIn Is Last week, Conan O’Brien introduced his plan to become the dominant user of the social networking site LinkedIn, and here he is giving an […]
  3. Comedy Central to Hold a Comedy Festival on Twitter with Apatow, Brooks, […]Comedy Central and Twitter have partnered to launch a five-day comedy festival that will run on the social networking site and feature videos, […]
  4. double trouble
    Winklevoss Twins Still Want to Share Their Social Networking Idea With the WorldOr at least professional investors.
  5. rob delaney
    Meet Rob Delaney, the Internet’s Most Prolific Tweeting ComedianDane Cook had MySpace, Rob Delaney has Twitter (and, basically, the whole Internet).
  6. technology
    Google Buzz Is DeadLong live Google+.
  7. social networking
    Kurt Sutter Quits Twitter After Pinning AMC Woes on Matthew Weiner“Ultimately, me having an instantaneous outlet for my darker impulses is not a good thing.”
  8. social networking
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Now on TwitterAnd Facebook, if you’re into that.
  9. the future is coming
    Sean Parker: ‘There Are No Victoria’s Secret Models in Silicon Valley’“I kind of wish my life were that cool.”
  10. The Other Bloggers
    771 Food Barrels Down the Highway, Gunning To Be A Facebook for FoodiesA new social network is set to debut with forums, food porn,
  11. the future is coming
    Facebook: Now More Like High School, SpammierFacebook’s new “Groups” function is already getting spam complaints.
  12. social networks
    MySpace Aims to Redefine Itself … by Mimicking FacebookHomepage to undergo major redesign.
  13. facebook
    Is Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Really Sorry?His Washington ‘Post’ essay today would, at first glance, make you think so. Many aren’t buying it.
  14. apologies
    Google Is Sorry for Buzzing YouThe company has apologized for a rare misstep.
  15. social networks
    Google Generates ‘Buzz’ with New ServiceYet another place to find out what your friends just ate for lunch.
  16. Marketing Gimmicks
    Tasti D-Lite, SushiSamba Find Dumbest Possible Ways to Use TwitterTasti D-Lite will expose your soft-serve habit to the world.
  17. social networking
    Odd Relationships Revealed by New Facebook Privacy SettingsThe social-networking site has gotten a lot of flak for its new policies, but there are some good things about it.
  18. plots
    Twitter, Facebook, and Other Sites of Distraction Under Attack?Who is behind this plot, and what are they trying to do?
  19. tweet this
    Fashion Tweets, Times of London Sacrifices Its Social Life to Find the BestIt’s a knotted little network out there, but thankfully, the ‘Times’ of London has done the yeoman’s work of picking out the best accounts.
  20. Stalking
    Status Update: Which Chefs Are Your Facebook Friends?Did you know Waldy Malouf is a “sexual god”? Neither did we, till we found him and 99 other chefs on Facebook.
  21. oh brother
    Has the ‘Bro’ Thing Gone Too Far?A new Website devoted to ‘brocial networking’ is recruiting on college campuses, and it has us worried.
  22. Publicity Ploys
    Which Restaurants Have the Most (and Least!) Facebook Fans?Over 100 local restaurants are posting brunch specials, menus, and the like on F-book.