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  1. meet the neets
    When ‘Going Outside Is Prison’: The World of American HikikomoriThe infamous shut-in syndrome, first identified in Japan, may be catching on in the U.S.
  2. science of us
    A Sociological Investigation of #NoWanksWhat does white nationalism have to do with jerking off? Or, rather, not jerking off?
  3. science of us
    Have Most Men Been in Bar Fights?The sociology of male aggression and exaggeration.
  4. How to Make Friends FasterFive scientifically proven ways to build meaningful relationships quickly.
  5. class
    Two Big Lessons a Star Sociologist Learned by Studying Trump Country for 5 Years“The seriousness and reality of that discontent, it doesn’t just reduce to racism.”
  6. Here Are the 3 Types of College-Friendship NetworksAre you a tight-knitter, a compartmentalizer, or a sampler?
  7. Sociology Can Explain the Sudden Flood of Alleged Trump Sexual-Assault VictimsTrump’s defenders call it “suspicious,” but it really isn’t when you look at the social dynamics of coming forward.
  8. divorce
    Researchers Think They Have Found Two Seasonal Divorce Spikes“Let’s just try to get through the holidays …”
  9. single people
    The New Science of Single PeopleNow that single people are such a big share of the population, maybe social scientists will stop ignoring them.
  10. sociology
    What Drives Trophy Hunters Like Walter Palmer?It’s complicated. 
  11. cleanliness
    Could Droughts End the Daily Shower?Water restrictions could nudge Americans’ current perception of what it means to be “clean.” 
  12. gender
    Students Give Male Teachers Better EvaluationsIn online classes.
  13. social psychology
    Why Pickup Truck Drivers Are Paying $5,000 to Pollute More“Rolling coal” is a way of saying, “You tree huggers are idiots,” says a sociologist. 
  14. college
    Miley Cyrus Is Officially an Object of Sociological Inquiry“Politicizing Beyoncé,” meet “The Sociology of Miley.”
  15. marriage these days
    What Does ‘Fiancé’ Mean, Anyway?The evolving semantics of love.
  16. weddings!
    Study: Love Is for the Rich Marriage is a status symbol, not a rite of passage. 
  17. Quote of the Day
    Brooklyn’s Food Elite Juxtaposed to Brooklyn’s Less FortunateMerlot and murder.