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    Paul Singer Wants to Save SoftBank From ItselfHow does one keep Masayoshi Son from squandering more of his billions on projects like WeWork?
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    Insane Slides From SoftBank’s Presentation Explaining (?) How It Will Fix WeWorkMaybe Adam Neumann isn’t the only charismatic founder-CEO who needs to be paid to go away.
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    WeWork Is Slouching Toward Its Least-Worst Rescue OptionIt looks like SoftBank is going to overpay again, even if not by as much as it did last time.
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    How WeWork Went from Unstoppable Unicorn to Postponing Its IPOFive months ago, WeWork CEO Adam Neumann was riding a unicorn to riches. Now his company has postponed its IPO. What happened?
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    Google Sells Boston Dynamics, Maker of Unnerving RobotsIt took over a year to find a buyer for Boston Dynamics.