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Solar Power

  1. the festival circuit
    Lorde, Clairo, and Arlo Parks All Got ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’A very brief appreciation of Lorde’s “Stoned at the Nail Salon (Glastonbury Version).”
  2. videology
    Lorde’s Year on the Beach Was ‘Confounding and at Times Painful’Celebrating the Solar Power era with a video for “The Path.”
  3. videology
    Lorde Drops ‘Fallen Fruit’ Video and Announces Deluxe Solar PowerDrops … fallen … get it?
  4. my single is dropping
    Listen to Lorde’s Māori Language Solar Power EPProceeds from Te Ao Mārama will go to two Aotearoa New Zealand nonprofits.
  5. vmas 2021
    Lorde Will No Longer Be Performing at the 2021 VMAsDue to “a change in production elements.”
  6. way too close reads
    All the Solar Power Lyrics That’ll Make You Go ‘Oh, Lord(e)’Blink three times and feel the Solar Power lyrics kicking in.
  7. one great story
    The Reintroduction of Lorde, Reluctant RoyalSolar Power seems anxious to shatter our expectations, to communicate that Lorde isn’t and maybe never was the figure many assumed she was.
  8. solar power
    Lorde Takes a Poser to Task on ‘Dominoes’“Must feel good being Mr. Start Again.”
  9. my album is dropping
    Break Out Your Crystals, Lorde’s Solar Power Is Here“Won’t take the call if it’s the label or the radio.”
  10. music videos
    Lorde Satirizes Spirituality in Her “Mood Ring” Music VideoJust like a Scorpio (probably).
  11. solar power
    Lorde Says She Hasn’t ‘Made a Jack Antonoff Record’The singer-songwriter responded to recent criticism of her producer’s work ahead of her third album, Solar Power.
  12. my single is dropping
    Lorde Has a Pretty, Existential Crisis on ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’As one does.
  13. summer hits
    What Makes Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ So Divisive?On this episode of Switched on Pop, writer Hanif Abdurraqib breaks down Lorde’s greatest skill.
  14. last night on late night
    Lorde Takes to the Roof With ‘Solar Power’ for The Late ShowPerhaps she installed some solar panels while she was up there?
  15. lorde
    Lorde Announces Album Track List, Release Date, and World TourL3 is officially her Solar Power era.
  16. twitter
    And on the 10th Day, Lorde Gave Us MemesShe’s back.
  17. lorde
    Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ Was Inspired by Larry David’s Vacation HomeShe was “on Martha’s Vineyard with my good friend Cazzie, staying at her house.”
  18. hallelujah
    She Is RisenAll rejoice, Lorde’s new single “Solar Power” is here.
  19. song review
    Lorde Has Risen But Only Halfway“Solar Power” feels more like a carefree vacation update than the blockbuster comeback we’ve been anticipating since the simpler times.
  20. my single is dropping
    Lorde Releases Her Beachside Babe Bop ‘Solar Power’And announces her third album of the same name.
  21. new music
    Lorde Teases New Single ‘Solar Power’ to Brighten Your LifeOnly 1,452 days after Melodrama.
  22. global tech
    Solar-Powered Fridges Can Help Stop EpidemicsMuch of the world doesn’t have access to vaccines for one solvable reason: transportation logistics.
  23. renewable energy
    The Caribbean Should Be Leading the Electric Car RevolutionThe conditions are perfect. So why isn’t it?
  24. Trump’s New Idea to Pay for Border Wall: Cover It With Solar PanelsIt is, of course, a dumb idea.
  25. Decades-Long Passive-Aggressive Dispute Over White House Solar Panels ContinuesObama is putting them back up. 
  26. nimby
    New Jersey Residents Whine About Ugly Solar PanelsRight, because that utility pole was a work of art before they affixed a solar panel to it.
  27. Gone Green
    Sidewalk Cafe Harnesses the Power of the SunThe 25-year-old restaurant will obtain 100% of its office and storage power from the sun.
  28. Bob’s Big Boy is 60 and Going SolarBob’s Big Boy in Burbank learns some new “green” tricks for its 60th