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Sonic Week

  1. gotta go fast
    The Staff of New York Shows Off Its Sonic OCsCreating a Sonic OC is a time-honored internet tradition.
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    How Well Do You Know This Infamous Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Video?Can you identify each of the top ten hottest female Sonic characters?
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    There’s a Lot of Sonic the Hedgehog Fetish Art Online. Why?How Sonic became fodder for deviant art on DeviantArt.
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    The Pious World of Christian Sonic the Hedgehog Fan ArtSonic exists right on the edge of “family-friendly” and “edgy as heck,” making him a potent figure for Christian youth.
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    How a Legal Dispute Wiped Out Hundreds of Sonic the Hedgehog CharactersThe extended Sonic universe has gone through extensive changes and reboots thanks to the actions of one writer seizing control of his work.
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    How Pingas Became One of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Most Famous MemesTaken from an old Sonic cartoon, the sound clip gained notoriety after being used in hundreds of YouTube Poop videos.