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  1. foreign policy
    Why North Korea’s Nuclear Test Should Unnerve and Embarrass TrumpThe dangerous escalation proves that the U.S. and its regional allies must put existential questions ahead of political ones.
  2. North Korean Military Threatens to Attack GuamTensions are ramping up on the Korean peninsula.
  3. Why It’s So Hard to ‘Deter’ North KoreaNorth Korea places a huge value on projecting itself as a Great Power that can “deter” its enemies. And that’s true, whether or not it has nukes.
  4. Trump: ‘Patience Is Over’ With ‘Reckless and Brutal’ North KoreaDays after Trump was presented with military options against North Korea, he says Pyongyang’s aggression will be met with a “determined response.”
  5. international affairs
    North Korea Successfully Launches Ballistic MissileThe test came one day after a top North Korean diplomat said Pyongyang would be willing to meet with the Trump administration.
  6. international politics
    What the New Liberal South Korean President Might Mean for U.S. RelationsMoon Jae-in’s victory could change the dynamic when it comes to how Washington wants to deal with North Korea.
  7. just asking questions
    Why South Koreans Aren’t Afraid of a Military Confrontation With the NorthThe AP’s former bureau chief in Pyongyang and Seoul says North Korea’s threats follow a yearly script, but Trump is the unpredictable factor.
  8. international affairs
    Four Foreign Policy Lessons From the North Korea ShowdownKorea watchers and Trump watchers alike can glean insights about the predictable unpredictability underlying this thorny crisis.
  9. North Korea Threatens U.S. and South Korea With ‘Merciless’ StrikesAs the U.S. and South Korea ramp up war games in the East Sea, North Korea is responding with trademark bluster.
  10. hairy situations
    Hardworking Korean Judge Too Busy to Care About Wearing Hair Rollers to CourtToo busy, don’t care.
  11. international affairs
    South Korean President Park Geun-hye Removed From OfficeHer ouster following a corruption scandal could have a major impact on how Asia and the U.S. handle North Korea.
  12. China Wants to Play Peacemaker in North KoreaBeijing proposes a deal to ease hostilities between the U.S. and North Korea — and prevent a “head-on collision” between the two nations.
  13. A Major Geopolitical Crisis Is Brewing in North KoreaNorth Korea launches missiles at U.S. bases in Japan — while China sanctions South Korea for building up its missile defense.
  14. Americans Are Outlived by People in Poorer CountriesSouth Korea’s population is slated to become super-long-lived; the U.S. population isn’t.
  15. international affairs
    North Korea Conducts First Ballistic Missile Test Under TrumpJapanese prime minister Shinzo Abe denounced the test from Mar-a-Lago with Trump in tow.
  16. remakes
    South Korean Film Miss Granny to Get U.S. RemakeThe movie already has adaptations in six different Asian languages.
  17. 2016 olympics
    South Korea Would Definitely Win The Hunger GamesIf Olympic archery is any indication.
  18. select all
    South Korea’s Hottest Livestream: Stray Cats EatingIt’s soothing.
  19. international affairs
    Report: North Korea Fires Submarine-Launched Ballistic MissileWhile the missile didn’t go very far, it signals a worrying development regarding the country’s ability to covertly launch such weapons.
  20. asian conan
    You Will Get to See Conan in South Korea Very SoonApril 9–soon.
  21. international intrigue
    Japan and South Korea Confused by Trump’s Suggestion They Build Nuclear ArsenalsOne of South Korea’s biggest newspapers called Trump’s views “myopic.”
  22. Conan Is Insanely Popular in South Korea, Much to the Surprise of ConanConan O’Brien is in South Korea this week filming a special episode of Conan, and from the looks of O’Brien’s posts on the Team Coco Instagram […]
  23. Conan O’Brien Is Taking His TBS Show to South Korea Next WeekConan O’Brien has planned his next international trip. During last night’s Conan, he revealed that the show will tape a special episode in […]
  24. North Korea Deports South Korean Workers, Possibly Initiates World War IIIThat diplomatic breakdown’s coming along nicely.
  25. loud noises
    K-Pop to Return to North Korean BorderOh no. Not the K-Pop!
  26. North Korea Frees NYU Student Detained Since AprilThe 21-year-old Joo Won-moon was captured after he crossed over from China. 
  27. north korea
    Kim Jong-un Tells Troops to Prepare for ‘Fully Armed State of War’“Psychological warfare against [North Korea] is, in essence, an open act of war against it.”
  28. A Propaganda-Spewing Loudspeaker Sparks Clash Between North and South KoreaBoth sides warn more conflict is possible.
  29. Food Fight
    China and South Korea Are Locked in a Kimchi-Related StandoffSome pesky regulations are putting South Korea’s kimchi industry in a bind.
  30. John Kerry on Execution in North Korea: ‘Grotesque, Grisly, Horrendous’“One of the most egregious examples of reckless disregard for human rights and human beings anywhere on the planet.” 
  31. scary things
    U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Slashed in Knife Attack [Updated]His attacker screamed, “South and North Korea should be reunified.”
  32. Nuts for Nuts
    Korean Macadamia Sales Explode After Airline Exec’s ‘Nut Rage’The country just can’t get enough, apparently.
  33. Awful Things
    A South Korean Restaurant Banned ‘Africans’ Over Nonexistent EbolaThe owner quickly reversed the policy.
  34. the sports section
    The United States Will Play Belgium on TuesdayStart practicing your “I need to leave work early” cough now.
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ferry Captain, Crew Members Charged With MurderIf convicted, they could face the death penalty.
  36. very sad things
    South Korean Prime Minister Resigns Over Ferry Accident“I hope these deep-rooted evils get corrected this time.”
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Entire South Korean Ferry Crew Now in Police Custody 115 people remain missing.
  38. very sad things
    Divers Continue Grim Task of Recovering Bodies From Sunken South Korean FerryMany of them with broken fingers from trying to escape.
  39. very sad things
    Captain and Crew Members of Sunken South Korean Ferry ArrestedThe third mate steering the Sewol had no experience navigating the rough waters where the disaster occurred.
  40. disasters
    South Korean Ferry Survivors Say Evacuation Orders Came Too Late285 people remain missing.
  41. very sad things
    Trapped Students Texted From Sinking Ship283 people are still unaccounted for.
  42. international intrigue
    North and South Korea Are Firing Into Each Other’s WatersBut haven’t hit any land or military targets.
  43. Cabbages and Deficits
    South Korea’s Kimchi Industry May Be OverfermentingThe country’s food exports have gotten less stinky.
  44. scene stealers
    Taeyang, G-Dragon, and More: A Guide to the Style Stars of K-PopGiant fur headpieces, head-to-toe white leather, and so much more.
  45. Dinner Porn Is South Korea’s Latest Internet TrendIt’s what’s for dinner.
  46. christmas cheer
    North Korea Furious Over Passive-Aggressive Christmas TowerA South Korean tradition.
  47. scene stealers
    International Street Style: South Korea Loves Statement BagsTrend-spotting the clothes we’ll all probably be wearing next.
  48. cultural exchange
    Grown Men Creepily Moved by South Korean Girl GroupsIt’s not pervy, says New Yorker writer. 
  49. flower men
    Makeup for Boys!Men wear makeup in order to appear anti-patriarchal to women in South Korea. Or is it heaven? 
  50. Yikes
    Protesters Dog South Korea’s Meat ChoiceLassie!
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