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  1. buffering
    Made in Spain: How the Country Became Key to Netflix’s International Strategy“I couldn’t remotely imagine we could be where we are, says Money Heist creator Álex Pina.
  2. theater review
    The Echo From the Days of ’39: Jen Silverman’s SpainA cool treatment of a once-hot civil war.
  3. waka waka
    Shakira’s Spanish Tax-Evasion Case Is Going to TrialNo date has been set.
  4. try everything
    Shakira Could Face More Than Eight Years in Prison for Tax Fraud in SpainThe singer has rejected a settlement deal, opting instead to go to trial.
  5. extreme heat
    Fires Break Out Around London As Heat Wave Sets U.K. Temperature RecordEurope’s historic heat wave is breaking more temperature records while firefighters struggle to contain wildfires in France, Spain, and Portugal.
  6. celebrity feuds
    Shakira Got Mugged by Wild BoarsIn a wrinkle to this saga, Shakira now says multiple bystanders neglected to step in.
  7. opera
    Barcelona Opera Branches Out With Audience of House PlantsThe Gran Teatre del Liceu isn’t letting the grass grow under their feet, or their cellos.
  8. coronavirus
    Will the Coronavirus Tear Europe Apart?Germany has ditched its economic playbook to confront the pandemic at home, but it’s not yet clear if it will do the same for its southern neighbors.
  9. politics
    The Left Takes Center Stage in SpainCan a very unconventional coalition hold together?
  10. foreign interests
    Spanish Election Shows the Left Can Resist Europe’s Nationalist WaveThough Spain’s far-right Vox Party won its first seats in Parliament, the Socialists’ win may offer a model for other progressive European parties.
  11. keeping up with the royals
    13-Year-Old Heir to the Spanish Throne Makes Her First Public AddressPrincess Leonor spoke as her father, King Felipe, looked on.
  12. europe
    Spanish Official: Trump Suggested Building a Wall Across the SaharaIf Trump can’t have his border wall, maybe Spain can.
  13. the urbanist: barcelona
    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Follow Before Visiting BarcelonaOur list of essentials includes a Colm Tóibín book, a podcast about entrepreneurs, and Javier Bardem.
  14. the urbanist: barcelona
    Girona, Sitges, and Other Worthy Day Trips From BarcelonaWhen you’ve counted one too many fanny packs, head for the surrounding hills, or the sea, or a Game of Thrones–esque village.
  15. the urbanist: barcelona
    The Bartender’s Guide to Barcelona’s Booming Cocktail SceneFor much of its natural history, the city was stuck on three drinks: beer, wine, and vermouth. Not anymore.
  16. the urbanist: barcelona
    The Bartender’s Guide to Barcelona’s Booming Cocktail SceneFor much of its natural history, the city was stuck on three drinks: beer, wine, and vermouth. Not anymore.
  17. the urbanist: barcelona
    A Lazy Day in Poble Sec, One of Barcelona’s Liveliest NeighborhoodsActress Rachel Lascar has called the area home for nearly a decade. Here’s where she likes to hang out.
  18. the urbanist: barcelona
    Barcelona’s Best Food Markets, According to Anthony Bourdain’s FixerThese full-service bazaars have dry goods, fresh produce, restaurants and bars, butchers, fishmongers, and more.
  19. the urbanist: barcelona
    Shantytowns and Air Raid Shelters: Peeling Back the Layers in BarcelonaWhat’s old is new again, thanks to a spate of notable urban renewal projects.
  20. the urbanist: barcelona
    Vermouth With a Side of Anarchy: The Perfect Night Out in BarcelonaThe capital is rightly famous for its nightlife, but going out is an art form. Actor Joan Martinez Vidal explains.
  21. the urbanist: barcelona
    How to Shop Like a Local in BarcelonaTake advantage of a homegrown shopping scene with a costume designer, interiors guru, and top chef as your guides.
  22. the urbanist: barcelona
    How to Shop Like a Local in BarcelonaTake advantage of a homegrown shopping scene with a costume designer, interiors guru, and top chef as your guides.
  23. the urbanist: barcelona
    How to Get Your Gaudí Fix in Barcelona — Minus the CrowdsUnder-the-radar alternatives to Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and more.
  24. the urbanist: barcelona
    Where the Locals Would Stay in Barcelona If They Weren’t LocalIncluding a bank turned hostel, a luxury hotel with a courtyard full of orange trees, and a sexy boutique inn with shrapnel in the walls.
  25. the urbanist: barcelona
    Week 3: There’s No Better Time to Go to Barcelona Than Right NowIn spite of its political issues, visiting the capital of Catalonia is still as safe as ever. And a dip in visitors means there are deals to be had.
  26. keeping up with the royals
    I Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Royal Drama Between Two Spanish QueensVideo of the royal family of Spain getting into an Easter spat has gone viral.
  27. international women’s day 2018
    5 Million Workers Joined Spain’s ‘Feminist Strike’The slogan is “if we stop, the world stops.”
  28. Jitters Rise in Europe As Merkel Can’t Form GovernmentIf Angela Merkel can no longer govern Germany, how can Germany govern the EU?
  29. Protests Erupt in Catalonia After Former Leaders Are Jailed“This is a black day for democracy and for Catalonia,” the mayor of Barcelona said.
  30. Spain Votes to Take Control of Catalonia After Region Declares IndependenceThings seem to be at a breaking point.
  31. international affairs
    Spain Moves to Fire Catalonia’s Leadership, Strip Region’s AutonomyThe political crisis just got a whole lot worse.
  32. Spain Is Dealing With an Unprecedented Political CrisisMadrid prepares to bring Catalonia under its direct control, a move it has never undertaken in the history of its democracy.
  33. advancements in fruit
    Somebody Invented Diet AvocadosIt has 30 percent of the fat, but all of the Instagrammability.
  34. foreign affairs
    Catalonia’s Independence Drive Is a Critical Stress Test for Spain’s DemocracyOne of Western Europe’s youngest democracies, Spain risks backsliding into authoritarianism, or even civil war.
  35. Catalonia Prepares for Referendum That Spanish Government Vows to StopChaos may ensue on Sunday.
  36. international affairs
    Terror Cell in Spain Was Planning a Much Larger-Scale AttackSome of the 12 suspected terrorists were teenagers, and their radicalization has baffled their families and authorities alike.
  37. terrible customers
    Group of 120 Diners Celebrating a Baptism Dines and Dashes at Spanish Restaurant“They left in a stampede,” the owner says.
  38. workplace stress
    One of the World’s Best Restaurants Now Makes Staff Attend TherapyEl Celler de Can Roca’s employees meet with a psychologist once a week to “try to defuse emotions.”
  39. heartwarming stories
    This New Restaurant Chain Serves Free Dinner to the Homeless Each NightA new Spanish chain is the brainchild of a Catholic charity that wants to give people back “some dignity.”
  40. r.i.p.
    A Bullfighter’s SacrificeMatador Victor Barrio, who was gored to death on Saturday in Spain, was one of the courageous few who still dream of being, and train to become, bullfighters in a modern world that rejects them.
  41. Spanish Authorities Seized 22,000 ISIS and Al-Nusra UniformsNow what are they going to wear?
  42. hotshot
    Excuse Me, Where Might One Buy This Bread Hat?Anybody know? Anyone at all?
  43. Interviews
    Alex Stupak and Albert Adrià on Empire-Building and Experimental Cooking“Chefs here aren’t opening new restaurants; they’re making fried-chicken sandwiches.”
  44. bye!
    Catalonia Is Making Plans to Split From Spain by 2017The northern region doesn’t care what the rest of Spain thinks.
  45. Shortages
    The Price of Olive Oil Is About to Reach an All-Time HighThere’s been a 50 percent decline in the production of Spanish and Italian olive oils.
  46. Awful Things
    A Restaurant Killed a Customer by Serving Him Detergent Instead of WineAn employee reportedly stored the cleaner in a bottle of white wine.
  47. Lists
    All About Spain’s El Celler de Can RocaThe chef is credited as the first to use an immersion circulator.
  48. Bankruptcy
    Sandwich Import 100 Montaditos Is Actually BankruptThe chain has canceled plans to open 29 more locations in New York.
  49. r.i.p.
    An Ode to the Duchess of Alba’s ‘Rebel Noble’ StyleShe passed away today at age 88.
  50. A Barcelona Comedy Club Is Charging Audiences Per Laugh Through Facial […]Well this is weird. BBC News reports that a comedy club in Barcelona called Teatreneu is experimenting with a new way to get more customers to […]
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