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  1. facebook
    Facebook Removes More ‘Inauthentic’ Accounts, This Time From Within the U.S.The problem was behavior, not content.
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    Spam Robocalls Aren’t Slowing Down. Here’s the Tech That Could Stop Them.In the not-too-distant future, endless robocalls may be eradicated, thanks to something called STIR/SHAKEN.
  3. crime scene
    Hawaiian Grocery Stores Reportedly Overrun With Spam BanditsStores have started putting the mystery meat into locked cases.
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    Signs You’re a Spammer: Posting IncessantlyFacebook is making a slight tweak using a simple metric.
  5. Russia’s Attempt to Hack the RNC Was Thwarted by a Spam FilterRepublicans didn’t even know about the attempt until the DNC hack was revealed.
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    Been Getting Nailed With iCal Spam? Here’s How to Stop ItSuddenly find yourself buried in spam invites to sales on counterfeit Uggs? Here’s how to shut them down.
  7. lawsuits
    Universal Pictures Sued for Warcraft TextsPeople really don’t like being spammed.
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    Author Discovers $150,000 Prize After Checking Spam FolderIt pays to double-check.
  9. Junk Food
    Hormel Came Up With a Way to Make Spam Even WorseBecause we’ve all been waiting for bite-size Spam jerky in a bag.
  10. Mergers
    The Maker of Spam Is Buying an Enormous Organic-Meat CompanyHormel will pay $775 million for Applegate Farms.
  11. Junk Food
    The Spam Food Truck Might Just Be the Final Nail in the Coffin for theGet ready for “Kimchi Spam Musubi Croissants.”
  12. Jane Austen Responds to Spam, by Daniel HurwitzSubject: GOOD NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU!! From: David david@freeipad.org To: Jane Austen Hi Friend! OH MY GOSH! I know I shouldn’t talk about […]
  13. e-mail invasions
    Simon Doonan Needs a Small Loan of $2,450 He is also a Nigerian prince who will give you many riches.
  14. Marketing Gimmicks
    Roy Choi: The New Face of SPAM?Who’s to say it might not be for the benefit of L.A.’s common good?
  15. Spam
    New ‘Spam Cognition Theory’ Proves Everyone Still Hates ItAs in fake meat, not mail.
  16. i’ve been hacked!
    Arianna Huffington Is Keeping Her Hacked AOL E-Mail AccountNigerian spammers tried phishing her address book.
  17. The Ballad of @Horse_ebooksOf the accounts that follow me on Twitter, half are spambots. About 15% are companies or organizations whose social media interns found me on a […]
  18. Mediavore
    A Day in the Life of a Spam Factory Worker; Where Chris Weitz Grabs Mexican FoodFor some people, being splattered with “pig brain jelly” is just another day at the office.
  19. Mediavore
    Campbell’s Puts 770 On the Soup Line; Work at a Spam Factory IsPlus: Online restaurant ordering ups checks and frequency of orders; Exploding water fowl replaces IEDs for some reformed terrorists, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. Mediavore
    Food Trucks Sue Monrovia; Ronald McDonald Meets Kids OnlineThe Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association is fighting a ban on food trucks.
  21. Mediavore
    Resorts Casino Won’t Have Flappers in Their Fifties; Spam Wars Have BegunPlus: Radioactive milk may not be as bad as it seems; and the food scene in Beirut is booming, all in our morning news roundup.
  22. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google: Now With Less Spam!Go Google yourself and see!
  23. housekeeping
    About the SpamWe’re working on it.
  24. a series of tubes
    Opportunities to Obtain Free V1aGr4 Suddenly DiminishOne spammer was responsible for 20 percent of the world’s spam supply.
  25. apropos of nothing
    Masterpiece Theater: John Hodgman’s SpamIn the best time-killing video we’ve seen today, the comedian reads his spam in a spot-on parody of the PBS classic.